12 Marketing & Sales Puns To Spice up Your Day

Feb 25, 2019 3:19:00 PM

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Jokes aren’t just a way to pass the time (or annoy your colleagues), they’re also a great way to infuse humor into your marketing strategy. A good marketing campaign doesn’t always mean a big budget to grab your audience’s attention. Sometimes, it’s a good joke that can appeal to a consumer’s emotions and make them remember you. Not to mention, humor can help show a brand's human side.

Remember Dollar Shave Club’s intentionally humorous viral marketing campaign? It has over 25 million views since its launch a few years ago. Or how about Old Spice, Charmin, State Farm or Clorox? Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns infuse humor. If you’re curious, here are a few other examples of funny marketing campaigns done right.

Now let’s get to why you’re here. Here are 12 marketing and sales puns that can help you bring joy to someone's day. 

How did Yoda get his first lead? He used the Sales Force.

Always trust a glue salesman. They tend to stick to their word.

The real estate agent was in a hurry because she had a lot to talk about.

A vegetarian and SEO walk into a bar…who talks about organic first?

Economic experts report that while cactus sales have spiked, aquarium sales have tanked.

You should always hire a bad B2B marketer to make your butter — they have a high churn rate.

What did the mining equipment salesman use as his slogan? 'But wait, there's ore!’

How many account-based marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but Sales will take the credit for it.

This is an A/B test conversation so C you later.

My accountant asked me “What’s your net pay?” So I said, “About 2 cents per click.

How does a B2B marketer make her boat go? She uses the sail’s force.

Why should you never get sushi with a marketer? They insist on showing pre-roll ads.

Be Memorable


So what’s the point? Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on your potential customers. This is done by attracting someone with compelling content rather than fighting for their attention.  You can learn all about Inbound Marketing here.