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ESCO Plastics


ESCO Plastics needed a better way to communicate the value of their complex offering and engage with potential prospects who may already have a trusted polyurethane parts supplier. They sought a competitive advantage would enable a steady flow of leads. 

ESCO Plastics is a polyurethane manufacturer that makes complex prototypes and parts mainly for the oil and gas industry. 


  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production


ESCO Plastics had been burned by a marketing agency in the past and was skeptical of investing in a new relationship. At the same time, they wanted to move fast and see quick results. 

We had to gain their trust through multiple presentations and provide clear metrics throughout each stage of the campaign. 





Our strategy was two-fold. We wanted to learn everything we could about the way they do business and their expectations while quickly producing content their team could use to attract and convert prospects.

It's a standard operating procedure for our team to interview clients at the beginning of a project, but this time we filmed to interviews and turned them into a video series that highlighted the pain points of their prospects, the value of their offering and provided anecdotal proof. 

We then embedded these videos into a network of emails and landing pages their sales team used to gain new business. 

"I trust these guys to do the work and am happy with the results"

- Kurt Owens, CEO of ESCO Plastics

ESCO Plastics


  • Changed the way they described their company
  • Generated new leads 
  • Helped close new deals

The collection of videos and supporting content gave the team at ESCO Plastics the ability to send a quick email that addressed their prospects' pain, highlighted how their offering and service solve that pain and provided proof. 

The videos were effective at capturing interest and helping to close deals. And they all feature evergreen content, so the team at ESCO can continue to utilize the content for as long as they choose. 

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