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How does On-Target! build Ideal Customer Personas?

Building and using customer personas effectively can lead to more targeted and successful marketing efforts, improved product development, and better overall customer satisfaction.

OTM_Email_Header_Buyer_PersonasCreating ideal customer personas is a crucial step in understanding your target market(s) and tailoring your marketing strategies effectively. Here are the On-Target! steps to build ideal customer personas:


  1. Research Your Audience:

    • Collect demographic data (age, location, gender) and psychographic data (interests, values, and lifestyle) from your current customer base.
    • Use surveys, interviews, and feedback to gather insights.
    • Analyze website and social media analytics to understand who interacts with your brand.
  2. Segment Your Audience:

    • Identify patterns and common characteristics in the data collected.
    • Segment your audience based on these shared traits. Common segments might include job role, industry, income level, or buying motivation.
  3. Create Detailed Personas:

    • For each segment, develop a detailed persona. Give them a name, job title, and background story to make them relatable.
    • Include specific details such as their goals, challenges, what they value in a product or service, and the media they consume.
  4. Understand Pain Points and Motivations:

    • Determine what challenges each persona faces that your product or service can solve.
    • Understand their decision-making process and what factors influence their buying decisions.
  5. Integrate Across Your Business: Based on the personas, we tailor your marketing messages, emails, content, and advertising to resonate with each specific group.