How does On-Target! set up a brand's Google My Business pages?

Google My Business page setup is crucial to moving up with search engines and getting your website found.

Verification is a critical step as it confirms the legitimacy of your business. Most businesses are verified by mail through a postcard sent by Google to your business address. Follow the verification steps promptly to gain full access to your GMB profile features.

3. Add High-Quality Photos and Videos

Photos and videos greatly enhance the appeal of your GMB listing. Upload high-quality images of your business, including the interior, exterior, staff, and products or services. Regularly update your photos to keep the profile fresh and engaging.

4. Manage and Respond to Reviews

Actively encourage your customers to leave positive reviews by creating a link for reviews that you can send to customers after a transaction. Respond promptly to all reviews, addressing any complaints professionally and thanking customers for positive feedback. This not only improves your reputation but also encourages more customer interaction.

5. Use Posts to Engage with Customers

Google Posts allow you to share business updates directly on your GMB listing. Use posts to announce events, offers, promotions, and news updates. This content appears in Google Search and Maps, providing a direct way to communicate with potential customers.

6. Keep Information Up-to-Date

Regularly update your GMB listing to reflect any changes in your business, such as new hours, moving locations, or changing contact details. Keeping your information current is crucial for maintaining customer trust and for effective local SEO.

7. Monitor Insights

Google My Business provides insights that give you information on how customers are finding your listing and what actions they are taking. Regularly review these insights to understand customer behavior better and refine your marketing strategies accordingly.

8. Set Up Messaging

If possible, set up the messaging feature which allows customers to send you messages directly through your GMB listing. This can enhance interaction and customer service.

9. Optimize for SEO

Include relevant keywords in your business description and posts that potential customers might use to search for your services. However, avoid keyword stuffing; the text should still be natural and helpful to customers.

Following these best practices will help maximize the impact of your Google My Business listing, enhancing your visibility in local searches and improving engagement with potential customers.