How to Test Email Validity and Maintain List Health Using HubSpot

To send low-priority campaigns to test the validity of email addresses using HubSpot and monitor the results, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Segment Your Contacts

Create segmented lists based on the validation status of your contacts (Valid, Invalid, Unknown, Accept All). This allows you to send targeted campaigns to each group and monitor their performance separately.

  1. Create a List:
    • Go to Contacts > Lists.
    • Click on Create List.
    • Choose whether you want an active or static list.
    • Use filters to segment your contacts by their validation status (e.g., Unknown, Accept All).

Step 2: Create and Send a Low-Priority Campaign

  1. Create a New Email Campaign:

    • Go to Marketing > Email.
    • Click on Create Email.
    • Select the type of email you want to create (e.g., Regular, Automated).
  2. Design Your Email:

    • Use HubSpot's email editor to design your email. Since this is a low-priority campaign, you can use a simple and engaging template.
    • Add relevant content that encourages engagement (e.g., special offers, valuable information).
  3. Send to Segmented List:

    • In the Recipients section, choose the segmented list you created for Unknown or Accept All contacts.
    • Schedule your email or send it immediately.

Step 3: Monitor Engagement and Bounce Rates

  1. Access Email Performance:

    • Go to Marketing > Email.
    • Click on the sent email to view its performance.
  2. Analyze Key Metrics:

    • Open Rate: Indicates how many recipients opened your email.
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Shows how many recipients clicked on links within your email.
    • Bounce Rate: Check for hard and soft bounces to understand deliverability issues.
    • Unsubscribe Rate: Monitor how many recipients opted out after receiving your email.

Step 4: Adjust and Clean Your List

Based on the performance metrics, you can take the following actions:

  1. Identify Non-Engaging Contacts:

    • If certain contacts consistently do not engage with your emails, consider removing them from your list to maintain list health.
  2. Remove Hard Bounces:

    • Contacts that hard bounce should be removed to prevent future deliverability issues.
  3. Revalidate:

    • Periodically revalidate the Unknown and Accept All contacts to check for any changes in their status.

Example Implementation

Here is a simplified example of how you might proceed:

  1. Segment Contacts:

    • Create a list named "Unknown Emails" with filters for contacts marked as "Unknown."
  2. Create Email:

    • Design a simple email with engaging content.
    • Select "Unknown Emails" as the recipient list.
  3. Monitor Results:

    • After sending, check the email's performance in the Email section.
    • Note the open, click-through, and bounce rates.
  4. Adjust List:

    • Remove contacts with hard bounces.
    • Consider revalidating or sending follow-up emails to contacts that didn't engage.

By following these steps, you can effectively test the validity of your email contacts and maintain a healthy email list, improving your overall email deliverability and engagement rates.

For more detailed information, you can refer to HubSpot's knowledge base articles on creating and using lists, creating marketing emails, and monitoring email performance.