Strategic Creative

It all begins and ends with relevance.

In today’s Twitter-Face-Blog-a-Doodle world filled with monumentally overwhelming and mostly annoying cries for our attention, relevance matters. Gaining attention is a battle, but maintaining it throughout the buying process separates strategic creative from most of the brand communications that bombard us each day.

Why is something so simple so consistently ignored? It’s not at On-Target!


The Great Ryland Toy Drive Returns to Bring Holiday Gifts to Deserving Local Children

In what has become an annual tradition, Ryland Homes is honored to announce that its Sales Centers will once again be designated official Marine Toys for Tots donation stations. Thanks to the generous donations of Ryland's homebuyers, homeowners, contract partners and employees, deserving children across the country will have their spirits lifted this holiday season. READ MORE >>


On-Target! Congratulates One of our Own

With the recent changes to Google Analytics interface, Google offered the Google Analytics Academy, a three-week course launched in early October. We're proud to announce that our Web Developer, John Burks, has earned Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Adwords Certification, further validating his competence and mastery of Google analytics and advertising. READ MORE >>


Tug of War: CBS vs Time Warner

The Time Warner blackout of CBS from its services is fast approaching the two week mark. Since August 2, people with Time Warner Cable service in New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Dallas have been missing out. This poses a problem for each company. Both will lose money, and it’s all but guaranteed both will lose popularity with their customers. READ MORE >>


Google Names On-Target! 'All-Star'

On-Target! Marketing & Advertising has yielded exceptional results in many of its latest Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. This success is largely due to its implementation of Google Adwords campaigns and Google Display Network to help drive client website traffic and attract more viable web leads. So prominent were these results that On-Target! has been recognized as a winner in the Google All-Stars program. READ MORE >>