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The Best Free Keywords Tools

With the number of tools out there designed to help you with SEO, there is no reason to guess at which keywords and phrases you should be using to reach new people on Google. In fact, ...


Reach People Near You: Optimize for “Local SEO”

Everyone knows the importance of SEO. But what about optimizing your website to reach people near you? Shifting your focus to local search results (also known as Local SEO) can help ...


The Worst Advice You Could Get About Social Media Marketing

We've all had our fair share of bad advice. Thankfully, over the years we get better and better at discerning the good from the bad. But when it comes to your social media marketing, you ...


7 Stats to Know Before Your Next Email Campaign

Email is still alive and well, despite the spotlight always on the young and vibrant social media. In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, ...


7 Hacks for Highly Converting Landing Pages

A landing page is a marketer’s best friend when it comes to capturing new leads. That's because landing pages enable us to direct visitors, from sources such as Google Adwords, Facebook ...


Must Watch TED Talks For Anyone Working in Marketing

As we marketers know, staying on your toes and ahead of the game is the perhaps the most important unwritten requirement in the job description. Being in the know is essential to ...


A Simplified Checklist for Running a Google Ad Campaign

If the first page of Google was a real place, hands down, it would be Park Avenue – taking it’s ranks as the most prime real estate on the web. First page minimum bids for AdWords ads ...


Insight into 2019 Texas Homebuyers: Age, Motivations, Demographics

If someone walked into your next marketing meeting and asked a simple question – what motivates the average Texas homebuyer – would your answer be backed by research or ...


How to Get Better Results from Your Marketing Videos

Who cares how many views or likes your video has? What matters is that it generates good leads and converts customers.


5 Hot Tidbits to Know This Month in Marketing

Being a savvy marketer is all about being in the know – how else are you going to leave the competition in your dust? But not everyone has time the time or patience to sift through heaps ...


Should My Brand Be Advertising on Instagram?

The more we hear about Instagram the more of us marketers are thinking seriously about whether it’s time to jump on the insta-bandwagon. After all, the platform boasts an impressive 1 ...


5 Reasons Your Sales Follow-up is Failing


You've made the perfect pitch to a potential client you'd love to work with. Feeling confident, you reach out to follow-up, only to receive the cold shoulder. While it ...


7 Signs You Need Help With Inbound

While the inbound marketing is designed to simplify your marketing efforts, beginners can still run into obstacles if they don’t haven't benefited from coaching or direction from an ...


A Simple Cheat Sheet for Winning at SEO

Showing up on the first page of Google means money. It’s no secret that companies pay big bank in Adwords to appear as the number one search result. After all, we’re talking about the ...


Facebook Hates These 5 Types of Ads

Nobody likes being rejected. Especially when you’ve put extra hours into launching an awesome ad campaign – only to see it get shut down by the world’s 2nd largest ...


How to Inspire People to Care About Your Brand

Consumers today are savvier and more skeptical than ever. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, only 52 percent of global respondents trust businesses. And not only do they have ...


5 Ways to Explain Hubspot to Your Boss (and get them onboard)

Inbound marketing works. You know it, but does your boss know it? They might be impressed to hear that businesses who employ inbound marketing methods save 62 percent per lead compared ...


On-Target! Named Top HubSpot Agency in Houston

 On-Target! was recently recognized as a Top HubSpot Agency in Houston, because of the results we’ve achieved for our clients using this software platform.


Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

There’s nothing like comparing your notes from a creative brainstorm meeting to a campaign follow-up at the end of the quarter. As marketers and creatives, we tend to dream big. Which is ...


Get Acquainted with Inbound Marketing: 6 (Not-Boring) Videos

So you’re interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing? You came to the right place.


3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM

Stop storing customer information in a spreadsheet! And say goodbye to tedious data entry.


3 Most Common Misconceptions About SEO

There is a load of content out there telling marketers what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to improving SEO. We put this article together to break through the clutter and ...


5 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew

Ever wonder what your customers are really thinking? We can’t give you exact details, but we can share some insights we’ve gathered over the years. We've found that many customer frustrations are simply ...


5 Top News Stories in Marketing Right Now

Just when we marketers start to feel like we have a solid handle on the latest tech – from SEO updates to changing ad guidelines and trending consumer behavior – a new piece of ...


12 Marketing & Sales Puns To Spice up Your Day

Jokes aren’t just a way to pass the time (or annoy your colleagues), they’re also a great way to infuse humor into your marketing strategy. A good marketing campaign doesn’t always mean ...


Refreshingly POSITIVE Psychological Marketing Tactics to Influence Consumer Behavior

Motivating people to take action is not an easy job. People are continuously weighing their options, teetering between their imagination and reality, between having and not having. This ...


How to Get Prospects Excited to Talk Business

Are your prospecting emails and sales calls not getting a response? Or are you having a few great conversations with a prospect only to be met with silence once the proposal is presented?


Which Marketing Strategies Bring in the Best Leads?

If you are following multiple best practices to attract, engage, and delight customers, how do you know which marketing strategy is achieving the best results?


How Can I Make LinkedIn My Best Sales Tool?

LinkedIn can help you attract leads, nurture prospects, and delight customers. But sending mass connection requests and going straight for the close without building a real connection is the wrong way to do it.


The Straightforward Guide to S.M.A.R.T Goals

I want more leads. I want more repeat customers. I want a greater market share. I want to beat out my competitors.

You likely have multiple goals you want to accomplish, but… are these goals being broken ...


The Real Way to Boost Trade Show Results

Your prospects don’t need to attend a trade show to learn about your products anymore; they can visit your website, read online reviews, or browse your social media platforms.

However, trade shows are an ...


Get Real ROI From Your Video Content

Everyone knows video is a key player in any digital marketing strategy. It’s more cost effective than ever — as we’re seeing more and more brands producing high-quality, 4K video with ...


4 Must-Haves for Turning a Web Visitor into a Contact

Everyone wants more web traffic, more clicks, more customers. But few want to spend the time refining their efforts to get people from point a to point b. We’re talking about a process ...


Top 5 Marketing Statistics for 2019

It’s not easy differentiating your brand in the ever-changing marketing world. Heck, sometimes it can be tough just trying to keep up. But the more you can look ahead, the better ...


What Does Honest Marketing Look Like?

In an era of click-bate, bots, and news headline after headline exposing corporate scandals — honesty has never been a more powerful marketing tactic. Customers often value a positive ...


How to Be Really Good at Growth Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your company as fast and efficiently as possible — you’re on the right track. The term is called growth marketing (also known as growth hacking) and it’s a ...


3 Ways to Sell More Using the HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM holds an impressive variety of tools that can help you grow your business. In fact, there are more than 1,000 different ways to use the platform. But are you taking ...


Marketing Tips Inspired by Football: Amp Up Your Game

They say that Football is more than just a game. It’s a lesson in teamwork, discipline, perseverance, goal-setting, and even time management. But we can draw on even more lessons from ...


3 HubSpot Integrations Our Clients Love

Hubspot is king when it comes to bringing everything together in one place. Which means less hassle, more control and not to mention — a seamless alignment between marketing and sales. ...


The Science of Cute Marketing

On first impression, what drew you to this article? Our bets are on the cute little scientist. That’s because cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by a ...


Repurposing Content to Create Powerful Sales Emails

When it comes to doing Inbound marketing right, email should be a method for inspiring people to actually do something. ...


5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Pumpkin spice lattes are back in season, which means it’s time to put those holiday marketing tactics into full-swing. But there’s a lot of competition out there. The holiday season is ...


Practices for Creating an Authentic Video Testimonial

First off, if you’re reading this article — thank you! We’re always excited for the opportunity to share a customer success story, as few things in marketing are more powerful than ...


Don’t Fall Behind: 2019 Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

As marketers, we understand that the playing field is constantly evolving and adapting. So don’t copy and paste your same strategy ...


Half of Consumers Will Own a Smart Speaker in 2019, Study Predicts

The future is here. New tech will perpetually be infiltrating our lives. And as marketers, we know that the best way to dominate our competition is to stay two steps ahead. Which means ...


Are You Annoying Your Customers? Do This Instead

Getting your word out to potential customers should not need to be a game of nagging and pestering. Chances are if you’re wondering whether or not your marketing tactics are annoying ...


Inbound Marketing Methodology

During the past few years, the way people communicate and what they expect from your business has changed. Traditional marketing campaigns like flyers, sales calls, snail mail, and trade ...


Finding Keywords That Put You on the First Page on Google

Want to know what the best keywords are that will put you on the first page go Google? While there are tons of keywords research tools we can recommend, like SemRush or Moz — there are ...


5 Secrets to Reaching the Unreachable: C-Suite Executives

Gaining the attention of a c-suite executive can increase your likelihood of scoring a big deal. But how can you craft a pitch that is compelling enough to receive a response? Even in an ...


5 Free Short Videos for Insightful Marketing Tips

The marketing landscape is changing continuously. Keeping on top of all the latest trends and techniques can, at times, feel like a full-time job. The good news is you can stay in the ...


Tips for Creating Viral Content: Where to Start?

Creating a viral marketing campaign isn’t an easy or predictable achievement. However, there are scientifically proven ways you can optimize your content to perform well on social media. ...


Hubspot Study Shows Blogging Leads to 55% More Traffic

You may have heard that if you want to get found online, a business blog is a great way to produce ongoing, fresh and remarkable content to improve your search engine rankings. That’s because by ...


On-Target! Growth Agency Gears up for Inbound 2018

Energy companies have OTC. Developers have the International Builders’ Show, and marketers have Inbound 2018. Almost every industry has a conference or trade show that’s ...


5 Easy Tricks to Get More Clicks on Your Content

In a world of endless digital clutter, how do you get people to notice to your content? More importantly, how do you persuade them that the content is worth their time?  It takes more than great writing or a ...


5 Free Video Apps to Make Marketing Easier

If you’re ready to start including more video content into your inbound marketing strategy, you’re already off to a great start. You may have ...


5 Things to Do Before You Hit Publish, Every Time

Blogging is one of the most critical content marketing tactics for 2018. It’s the the human angle of your business and one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site. So it’s pretty important that you are ...


Using Video to Boost Search Rankings

We already know video is a great inbound marketing tool for capturing interest and educating viewers. (And how shoppers are nearly 2 times more likely ...


Social Media is Taking Over Video and TV

Things are changing fast — people are watching less TV and more digital video on their smartphones. According to Cisco, mobile video will account for 78% of all mobile data traffic in the next 3 years.  And ...


How to Organically Generate More Leads

Generating organic leads is a bit more similar to picking out your produce than one would think. Organic fruits are the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made AD-ditives. Organic leads are the ...


How Smart TVs Just Got Even Smarter

For marketers, we understand that data is a critical asset to delivering relevant marketing campaigns to the right audience. This same information is also key to getting a clear return for all marketing ...


3 Reasons Your Website is Desperate for a Pillar Page

You've heard it before — the way people search online is changing, so your website content strategy needs to change too. And if your website is desperately needing a boost in organic web traffic or user ...


How Facebook is Making Advertising More Transparent

Facebook recently made two big announcements regarding ad transparency, along with a


Here’s What Texas Builders Need to Know About Homebuyers

 Each year the Texas Association of REALTORS® releases a report that analyzes survey data from Texans who bought or sold a home in the past year. ...


Honor our Fathers by Living Today to its Fullest Potential


How to Get the Most Out of Google Adwords

Google claims that you do not need to spend a lot of money on AdWords to get a return on the investment. However, many people are paying for clicks that have zero likelihood of turning into a profit. Here are a few ...


5 Terrible Behaviors Marketers Need to Stop

Sometimes it’s not about what you need to start doing and is more about the toxic habits you should pull away from. It’s easy to overlook the bad when your focused on keeping up with the latest trends, especially ...


5 Must-Know Google Analytics Stats to Improve Your Marketing

Signing up for Google Analytics is free and incredibly user-friendly. But actually knowing what to do with that data can be stressful, as Google spits out an overwhelming amount of data! How should we handle these ...


Facebook Ad Policies: New Changes & Rules You May Not Have Known Until Now

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the recent Facebook debacle, read through any tech news feed and you will quickly discover the intense scrutiny Facebook has been under over data privacy, fake news, ...


Is Print Advertising Dead?

Are you still trying to decide whether dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to print is worth continuing in the current digital landscape? It’s true that many news outlets and publications have shifted to ...


Qualities That Really Matter in a Marketing Team

There’s one thing you know you want from your digital marketing team. That’s ROI. But what are the qualities that will guarantee a team will meet your standards? Some may say creativity, time management, and good ...


Pinchin’ Tails Event Was a Huge Success

The DPIS Pinchin’ Tails Event last Friday was a blast! We are so excited to have been a VIP sponsor and help raise $25,000 for HomeAid Houston, we can’t think of a worthier cause than building shelters for ...


Stats That Sum Up the US Housing Market

How much do you know about the people who are buying homes from your company?


Unique Ways to Boost Email Open Rates

At some point this year you may have come across the standard check-list on how to improve email open rates. This list probably covered tactics such as creating a sense of urgency, giving an offer or discount or ...


On-Target! Recognized as #1 HubSpot Partner Agency

Just six months after becoming a HubSpot Partner, On-Target!, achieved the #1 ranking for Partner Implementation world-wide. To celebrate this accomplishment HubSpot sent founding member Dan Tyre to Houston for a ...


5 Examples of Marketing Gone Terribly Wrong

We all love watching other people mess up. As cruel as that sounds, failure also offers some valuable free advice.


Are You Breaking the Rules of SEO?

As you may have noticed, SEO has been going through a lot of changes lately. Google has gotten a lot smarter and a lot better at retrieving information from websites. And as search metrics have greatly improved, ...


4 Best Marketing Resources for Continued Education

The world of digital marketing is moving faster than ever. Need a way to catch-up or stay informed? Even the most successful marketers are always learning new ways to reach and engage their audiences. Here are a ...


5 Stellar Examples of Marketing Done Right

We all want to find new ways to keep our customers engaged, but coming up with creative marketing that stands out through the clutter can be a challenge. We all need a little help sometimes getting ideas ...


Changes in SEO You Need to Know ASAP

Think keywords are the bread and butter of SEO? Think again. Keyword rankings should no longer be the primary focus of your SEO strategy. Yes, it's still very important that your longtail keyword shows up in your ...


5 Ways to Spice Up Your Emails

Looking to different ways to engage potential customers? You might be taking advantage of the power of email marketing when it comes to trying something new. Let’s face it — most emails are boring, leaving plenty ...


Why Isn't My Marketing Bringing in Leads?

Is your marketing failing to create leads? Nothing is worse than spending marketing dollars on something that isn't working. There may be a combination of things that either don’t exist or don’t exist in the right ...


What Facebook’s Big Changes Mean for Marketers

I too, was a little shook up when Mark Zuckerberg first announced Facebook will change its algorithm to promote more personal content rather than news. We marketers have planned entire editorial calendars and ...


How Much Should I Spend on Google AdWords?

Investing your marketing budget in a PPC platform like Google AdWords can have a big impact on your business. According to Google, the average advertiser on AdWords makes two dollars for every dollar they spend. ...


How Sales Teams Benefit from Hubspot

You may be wondering what’s all this talk about using the Hubspot CRM? But what you’re really asking is how it’s directly related to your sales team and how can it benefit you. To be clear, Hubspot is defined as ...


7 Habits of Highly Effective Marketers

What do successful brands all have in common? A team of highly driven and successful individuals. Much like Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective ...


The Most Loved and Hated Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines can feel like the death of us marketers. In today’s busy world, we receive 121 emails per day and a whopping 33% of them go unopened. [E-Statistics] This means a bad subject line can block a ...


Marketing Hacks for Kicking Off Q1

Q1 is here! If all goes well, 2018 will be a year of surpassing sales goals and taking your company to the next level. But success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires ...


Clever Ideas for Builder Videos in 2018

Homebuyers today are looking for more than blog posts and great photos – they want to watch videos. In fact, 55% of people watch videos online every day. (Digital Information World) This is a great opportunity for ...


Putting Trust Back in Social Media

2017 was a big year for social media. Brands playing catch up joined forces with hundreds of other companies using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build stronger consumer relationships — with good reason. ...


This Year in Statistics

 As we move into 2018, you may be rethinking everything from job roles to marketing tactics that will help in staying ahead of the curve.  This is a good time to take a look back on 2017 statistics ...


Content: Your Sales Team's Secret Sauce

Here’s a common misconception: content is a great marketing tool used for generating leads. Okay, this has some truth to it, but not entirely. Because content isn’t meant for just getting leads. One of the best ...


5 Tips for Creating a 2018 Marketing Plan

Is it time to take a good, hard look at your company's marketing strategy? Creating a 2018 marketing plan will help set you on the right course to making goals a reality. Without a plan in place, it can become ...


Does My Company Need HubSpot?

HubSpot is good at what they do, and that's probably why they are one of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms on the web. You may have heard of the HubSpot-coined term “Inbound Marketing” before, and ...


How to Boost Your Sales with Artificial Intelligence

 You don't need to employ a larger sales staff or even drive thousands of additional shoppers to your location to increase your sales. You just need to optimize the ...


How Are Top Home Builders Using Digital Marketing?

The real estate industry can no longer rely on print ads and billboards to sell homes. More and more home builders are taking advantage of digital marketing tacts. In fact, the top digital trends for home builders ...


Creating Content People Care About

Content creation is one of the most important marketing tools to get noticed online. But ... how do we do it? Constantly coming up with new content can sound ...


How Often Should I Post on Facebook?

As someone using social media marketing, it can be hard to know when is the best time to post, how often to post, and what kind of content to post. You don't want your advertising dollars if you are sponsoring ...


Don't Use a CRM? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should

Simply put, CRM -- or customer relationship management -- refers to software that tracks interactions with prospects and customers.


5 Tips for Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency

Many business owners are hesitant to hand over control to an inbound marketing agency, however, the support of an experienced team can allow business owners to focus on what they know best: their business. The ...


How to Start Advertising on YouTube

If you are reading this, you are probably pretty confident that YouTube advertising can be a good investment for your business, and we must agree.