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3 Homebuyer Personas You Should Be Targeting

Effective real estate marketing means not only considering the behavior of your buyer, but understanding the unique segments within your prospect market. Each segment is influenced by diverse interests, professions, budgets and overall place in life. We call these buyer personas. Here are a few examples of homebuyer personas you will probably be speaking to in your marketing efforts:


The Move-up Homebuyer

Brittany and Jacob are hard-working neighbors. He’s a welder, she’s a second- grade teacher, and occasionally you’ll see Jacob taking out the neighbor's trash. They’ve got two kids — Mark, 9, and Kaylee, 11 — whose commitments to soccer and cheerleading have made Brittany equally as committed to nightly takeout from Chick- Fil-A®. Both kids are active in their church’s youth group.

move-up buyers.jpg

Life is manageable but always moving. Sports-minded by nature, Brittany and Jacob like to hunt, fish and cook outside on weekends. At the end of the day, they love taking in a sunset, armed with Costco’s cranberry-cheddar cheese and boxed chardonnay.


The Luxury Homebuyer

Angie’s a chemical engineer and Michael’s a petrochemicals supervisor. Neither has qualms about rewarding themselves for their hard work. With two boys in high school and their “baby girl” in fifth grade, Angie and Michael are used to fun — especially outdoors. They like to entertain friends and family with water skiing in the summer and deer hunting in the fall. They have a deer lease in Llano. 

luxury buyers.jpg

Angie and Michael want an affordable home that reflects their successful life, but they also want to enjoy their “toys” when the workweek is done. With a Polaris RZR® four-seater and a Ranger XP®, weekends mean fun followed by fajitas on the deck. And even though they mispronounce Chipotle, their guests never seem to notice.


The Empty Nester

Ed’s semi-retired but still does consulting work. Judy is involved with charities and volunteers at the church. Their motto is, “If not now, when?” which is why they’re looking for a uniquely situated, lakefront home.

empty nesters.jpg

With their kids newly married and grandkids on the way (they hope), they want a home that reflects the good life and one their family will enjoy. That means lake cruises, swimming pools and shaded evening walks. They want blazing sunsets and starlit skies, easily visible through the soaring glass walls of their west-facing living room.

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