When companies need to Make Shit Happen fast, they come to our Houston Digital Marketing Agency. Allura needed a full rebrand on short notice that included a new name, logo, website, tradeshow material, and enough sales collateral to close some deals. 

Allura is the fiber cement arm of Elementia, one of the world's leading manufacturers of building materials for the construction sector with operations ranging from Bolivia to Oregon.




  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Website Development
  • Event Marketing


During an accelerated acquisition, On-Target! was tasked to develop a new brand identity within two weeks that could compete with Hardie Planks’ >90% share of the fiber cement market. Hardie Plank is to fiber cement what Kleenex is to facial tissue, so creating a new and profitable brand put our agency to the test.



Our strategy was to turn fiber cement into a fashion accessory for the home because the main purchase influencers were wives. Using the name Allura, an offshoot of alluring, which means mysteriously attractive, we highlighted the main differentiator of the product—it comes in a variety of colors and textures.

The creative featured attractive women that would stand out within the highly masculine market space showcasing the value of the product. Allura can dress up your home’s curb appeal while serving as a highly durable weather, fire, and bug resistant barrier.

"Magic happens when the right message is put in front of the right audience at the right time. That's what we did for Allura."

- James Mann - Inbound Marketing Specialist



  • Generated over 650 qualified leads with nearly all of them converting
  • Gained broad brand recognition within 7 months
  • Won an award at Sunbelt Builders Show

Feedback from the building materials channel was almost immediate and extremely positive. Those in the industry along with their customers wanted a choice for their fiber cement. Allura provided them with multiple colors and textures which enabled more attractive home designs and happier homeowners.

Our full service digital agency in Houston worked quickly to create a full rebrand and awareness campaign for this client and the results were better than anyone imagined. It just goes to show, with the right partner, anything is possible.

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