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Brand Makeovers are crucial for businesses, here's 3 reasons why.

Stale leads, waining sales numbers, and increased competition.

These are a few of the realities for many organizations in a post-pandemic marketplace. In response, many of them have doubled down on advertising, email marketing and new business development. However, these efforts have been largely shown to have limited effectiveness due to one thing...potential customers are the seeing the same thing, only more often. 

More than ever, businesses need to differentiate themselves and while disruption can come in many forms, Brand Makeovers are crucial for short and long term success. Here's why

They uncover hidden issues

Having an outside perspective from a marketing firm can uncover issues with emails, logos, website designs and more. This is simply because most businesses have little time to internally diagnose incorrect messaging, poor design, or visibility challenges that are holding them back. The initial portion of a Brand Makeover is to uncover these gaps and create a plan of action to address them. 


They're cost effective

Brand Makeovers, not to be confused with Re-brands are smaller in scale, but have many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost, According to Ignyte, rebranding can cost well over $100K and take six months or more. For many businesses those costs are simply not feasible. However, a Brand Makeover averages $5-25K and can be completed in a matter of weeks for most. 

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They can be scaled

Since the items that encompass a Brand Makeover can be put into project buckets like "Website design", "Social Media and Email Marketing", "Graphic Design" etc., there is a greater amount of scalability available. This can be especially beneficial for businesses who need top level issues addressed first and then secondary activities completed later. An exploratory conversation with an experienced marketing firm will identify the areas that need to be undertaken first and last for maximum effectiveness.


If you're considering a Brand Makeover for your business, it's a highly cost effective and fast way to align your sales and marketing to reach more potential customers. Like many businesses though, you might still have questions. If you want to know more about what a Brand Makeover might look like, take a look at this resource, or feel free to contact us any time.