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Answers to Common Business Marketing Questions

It’s said that the key to success is all about asking the right questions. This is especially true in marketing, where the very nature of the industry is continuously evolving. The techniques that used to work no longer do and we are forced to learn and adapt. And there is nothing wrong with trying figuring out what to do next! Here are 5 examples of questions business are asking about inbound marketing.

Do we really need a blog?

Blogging is still very relevant and worth the investment. Not only does blogging help you start building an online presence and credibility – it can help you attract more potential customers in a number of ways. For example, one way we use blogging is to help business rank on search engines by creating content that answers the questions people are searching for. By writing industry topics people care about – your content can then be shared on other platforms and linked back to your site, giving you the opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. If you are not taking advantage of this strategy you are greatly missing out.

Take a look at How HubSpot Uses Blogging to Rank #1 on Google to learn more about specific strategies you can implement to rank on search engines.

How do I convince my team that inbound works?

People like to keep things the way they are. And change isn’t easy, but it can be well worth it. Here are a few ways to warm your team up to changing over to the inbound strategy. For one, you can use Hubspot’s case studies featuring businesses similar to yours. You can also dig into your competition and provide a report that shows the number of competitors using inbound. If you’re still trying to explain how it works, search for blog articles or videos that break down inbound way that will appeal to your boss.

Should we hire freelancers or an agency?

Freelancers can be appealing as they typically charge less than an agency. However, agency pricing reflects factors such as their track record, experience level and return on investment. If you have a simple project with clearly defined objectives and deadlines, a freelancer could be beneficial. But for long-term projects that are focused on seeing results, an agency may deliver greater value for money. Agencies are typically more focused on aligning with your goals and driven towards creating positive outcomes.

How do I get fast marketing results?

The best marketing is in it for the long run. Ideally, you want to repeatedly keep your business in front of your target market over an extended period of time. But there are also ways to use inbound marketing tactics to move the needle immediately. A few of those tactics include optimizing your website for mobile along with adding visual calls-to-action on every page. You can hire an expert copywriter to review the language on your website to ensure it captures the attention of your target audience. Creating a blog and posting once a week is one of the easiest ways you can launch your content marketing strategy. Keep in mind that getting on the fast track doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skip the important stuff, like building buyer personas and setting goals.

Where do we start?

Getting starting with inbound can feel like an enormous task, but it doesn’t need to be. Hubspot made things easy for marketers by sharing the Getting Started With Inbound Marketing Kit, complete with all the templates you need to simplify and speed up the process of kick-starting your inbound strategy at the top-of-the-funnel. Or if you’re looking for an even simpler approach, you can easily get started first by defining your goals then by building a buyer persona (a representation of your ideal customer). You can also consider hiring a Hubspot Certified Agency to help you through the entire process.