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Your story and outline of the capabilities of your business shouldn’t be just another step in the content process. You need imagination, research, and creativity to help your narrative stand out from the crowd. A well-crafted story, will show your customers why you’re different. Our content writing agency will take your ideas and put them down in a way that makes sense, engages your readers, and helps lead to new business.


3 Steps to Create Content People Care About

Content creation is one of the most important marketing tools to get noticed online. But ... how do we do it? Constantly coming up with new content can sound overwhelming. In fact, some of our most successful clients started out with the idea that there was simply nothing to write about. The key to changing this is all about perspective. That perspective being from the view of your potential customers, current clients, and market perception of your brand, product, or service.



Creating a new website with content that attracted,
and engaged users is exactly why Allpoints Group
chose On-Target! They were then able to showcase
their capabilities in ways that positively affected the
buyer’s journey.


What about my blog? 

If it isn’t meeting your
readers’ needs or increasing your visibility, it should be.

Many businesses create content merely for the purpose of having it. That approach unfortunately does more harm than good. Blogs however can be a great tool if you understand your readers, and their objectives when it comes to your content. As a result, your subscribers get the content that makes the most sense for them at a length that keeps them engaged. The best part? That content will get shared to new users, who could eventually become your prospects and customers. Let our content writing agency help you start.

B2B Content Marketing: Adding to the Bigger Picture

As B2B industries in the real estate and building industry increase their marketing efforts, it is important to understand how to use content effectively. Content takes many forms—photos, video, blog articles, etc. but only qualifies as marketing if it aims to drive a profitable action.


Our homepage content was written
by the intern 10 years ago.

Your content should
always be evolving.

Keeping users on your website with great copy and capability statements is one thing. Content that delivers SEO Keywords, and gets customers to find your business over your competitors is another. Your web pages when updated regularly will be traffic drivers, just like they were intended to be. We can show you how.

5 Easy Tricks to Get More Clicks on Your Content

In a world of endless digital clutter, how do you get people to notice your content? More importantly, how do you persuade them that the content is worth their time?  It takes more than great writing or a beautiful design to stand out. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to garner more interest and push people to take action.


Content isn’t just about copy either.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your content should fill a library.

Graphic design should be an integral part of the conversation you have with your customers. Logos, infographics, and other visuals can explain in ways words sometimes cannot.

Not taking advantage of the right visual elements? See how our designs make the right connection. 

Tips for Creating Viral Content: Where to Start?

Creating a viral marketing campaign isn’t an easy or predictable achievement. However, there are scientifically proven ways you can optimize your content to perform well on social media. And when a marketing campaign goes viral, a company’s sales, engagement, and brand awareness can increase dramatically.



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