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5 Impressive Web Design Trends


Web design is the new form of modern art, combining a great visual experience with the utility of finding useful information. Some web designers are already revered as true artists, with their works displayed in online galleries for the best websites.

Each year has brought its specific trends, but this year's focus is especially on great user experience on various screen sizes, from smartphone to 25” monitors. Let us go quickly through the 5 biggest web design trends: 

Keep It Simple- No more clutter on web pages, especially on the home page. This is the most refined form of less is more and it is one big trend, especially implemented to make browsing on smartphones a simple and pleasant experience. And in simple and short sentences, too.

Image of man in gas mask turning page. Ecology concept

The Parallax Effect- This is not some complicated astrophysical phenomenon, but a very simple trick for making a great user experience. As the viewer scrolls down, the background moves slower than the foreground, creating a 3D effect.


Flat Design- Flat design is functional, beautiful, offers great viewing experience on any screen and is perfectly adequate for tapping on a smartphone screen.


Think Outside the Box- Although the physical box is gone from web design, its concept remained alive and well for years. Focus on the freedom of using the available screen in the most creative way possible. Text boxes are replaced by speech bubbles, the neatly ordered page is broken by surprising formatting and shapes.

Businesswoman hand touch cube as symbol of problem solving

Multimedia- It is now standard practice to blend short films, widgets, menus which follow you as you scroll down the page and many other similar multimedia elements. The key to a great website experience is how you combine these elements in order to make your website easily accessible and fun to browse.

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