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7 Habits of Highly Effective Marketers

What do successful brands all have in common? A team of highly driven and successful individuals. Much like Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, marketers can also find transformation in these important principals.


Begin with the Campaign End in Mind

Powerful marketers understand that in the end, the success of business as a whole relies on return on investment and creating positive outcomes. Never underestimate the power of organization, budgeting and planning, of mapping out strategic tactics that will speak directly to needs of your target audience.


Test, Analyze and Repeat 

Data is the source of digital true results, and this is key to understanding audience and customer experience. Use data to test, analyze and repeat the tactics that work best with your target audience. Analyzing and reporting on the status of your campaigns will allow you to check what is working and what’s not. Marketers should no longer rely on instinct when it comes to effective marketing.


Take Advantage of Digital Tools

The importance of technology in modern marketing is clear everywhere. Technology drives everything from content management to email automation. Digital marketing tools like Hootsuite can help schedule out social media posts, while project management tools like Hubspot can help you organize and manage both your personal and team projects. Take advantage of automated marketing systems that allow you to scale your marketing efforts effectively.


Continue Your Education

it’s not just companies that need to make improvements to their strategies; marketers themselves need to be able to adapt and learn new roles. There’s no room for standing still in a digital marketing world that moves at lightning speed. Make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest digital marketing news and advancements in your field.


Be Proactive with Content

Planning is a necessary skill that no smart marketer can afford to ignore. Being proactive with content creation will help ease the periods of time that you are really busy and rushing to write the next blog post. For example, a detailed editorial calendar can help you stay ahead by keeping track of how many times you should posts, topics and budget allocated.


Think Win/Win

Today, consumers are much more in control of what they see and are more likely to support brands who share their values. Create promotions that will help you drive conversions, but will also appeal to the concerns of your customer. For example, give your audience incentives with rewards, you can encourage consumers to perform specific activities.


Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!

No marketer is an island – the best aren’t afraid to ask for help and work as a team. Each member of the marketing team brings a different set of skills, experiences and idea that are key to success. A solid team will always outperform an individual as the collaboration builds momentum and propels everyone forward together.


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