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The 3 Home Services That MUST Have Phone Agents.

In the home services industry much of the research and conversion process has evolved to the use of online forms and email when a potential client is ready to begin a job. However, these three service lines have shown that the average consumer isn't ready to embrace the fully automated onboarding process just yet...

Appliance Repair

When the refrigerator goes out, or the washing machine won't run, consumers aren't looking to fill out a contact form or email and wait to be called back. The urgency of these types of issues is usually very high, and in fact, 92% of these customers will research your company and then make a call. Of the calls that are made, over 40% will end up converting into new business. 

Render of a refrigerator on 3D isolated on white



93% of potential plumbing customers are picking up the phone and calling your business. Why? Again, plumbing is one of the home services where urgency is usually an issue. However, apart from that customers want to know about the experience level of your plumbing company relative to the competition. They also will inquire about hourly rate in regard to the issue they are facing, such as an emergency call-out rate. Having these elements on your website is a great way to mitigate many of these questions, but they will almost always come up over the phone. This is one of the main reasons why having a competent staff to handle these calls as well as converting them is essential!

Plumber fixing under the sink in the kitchen



Normally you would never have assumed that your fencing company would need a more dedicated phone presence than a landscaping company, but research shows 92% of your customers are calling. The topics they most care about are your materials, when you can come give an estimate, and how knowledgable you are about HOA requirements. Your phone agents also need to know and be prepared to give linear foot costs relative to wood type. Apart from researching your company online, they will call an average of 4 of your competitors as well before deciding on who will complete the work. 

 Pattern of weathered wooden fence posts, shaped like arrowheads, near sunset

The home services industry has made great strides in automating many of the customer onboarding processes, and technology has made the lives of providers much easier. If you have questions on how to implement best practices for your home services company, or simply want to know how to convert more business, check out this resource. Or, feel free to contact our full service digital agency in Houston.

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