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How to Leverage Video Tutorials in Your Digital Marketing

Most of us have run into an issue where we sought advice online from an expert source. Often these providers have a substantial library of helpful videos with tips and tricks that help them standout in a sea of YouTube content. What's often overlooked is the ability to leverage this content to strengthen your digital marketing efforts. Here are a few ways it can help...

Building authority

By focusing on the most common issues your customers might face that you can offer a tutorial in, over time your organization will be considered a leader in that area. Linking out to specific landing and product pages within the content itself is a great way to drive traffic and help your page rank higher in search results.

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Promoting your products or services

Offering a tutorial that solves common issues using a specific product or service enhances the effectiveness of the video in creating conversions. There's really no better way to showcase the competency your organization has in a specific area than demonstrating a solution you own.

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Use the viewer data to get an edge

Noticing there are high numbers of views in Phoenix from 18-35 year olds watching on iPhones for example, is a big advantage. YouTube's demographic data not only shows what content is most popular, but where, and by whom it is being seen. This data can help you refine your digital marketing to target a specific user group for better conversions.


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