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Dominate Home Services Competition with Digital Marketing

Service appointments, scheduling, billing, and winning your next bid before the next guy.

It's the new reality for Home Service providers in a world that's less about handshakes and word of mouth and more searches and clicks. Your potential customers have access to an almost unlimited number of providers online, and those numbers are growing every year. So, you get pulled between running your plumbing business and wondering how you're going to hire that office coordinator or buy that new truck you really need when you lose out on jobs. 

So, how are you going to compete?

Digital Marketing

This isn't about simply having a website, or a social media page either. Digital Marketing serves your Home Services business by taking every element of your online presence and serves your potential customers on their terms. Here are two ways Digital Marketing will allow you to dominate your competition:

Better Search Rankings


Just like you, your customers aren't sifting through pages and pages of companies online to find the help they need. To outrank the competition, you need a combination of short and long-term strategies. Pay per click or PPC will give you quick returns even with modest budgets when managed correctly. Over time, your business will rank higher with no advertising expense with an effective Search Engine Optimization plan. 


Content that Delivers Customers

Content is King card with colorful background with defocused lights

What's on your website is actually more important than your website, and by focusing on your customer, you will win more business. Consider these two statements:

"We offer drain cleaning, fixture installation, and repair services to the greater Atlanta metro area"


"Leaking sink, running toilets, or clogged drains near Atlanta? We're standing by to help"

What sounds better? Your customers are actually typing in those issues in their searches, and with the right content, you'll show up when they do. Your competition meanwhile will be sitting by the phone while you're on a job. 


While these are merely two examples of how Digital Marketing can make your Home Services business more effective against the competition, there are many more ways it can help. Take a look at this resource, and then contact us for some actionable strategies you can implement right away.