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Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Home Services Business

In the Home Services industry there has been a marked increase in competition due to the potential for higher profits than ever and low barriers to entry. This fact has caused many business owners to look for ways to combat lower quality entrants into the market and regain lost market share. One of the most effective ways that Home Services businesses can do this is with digital marketing. Here are a few ways it can set you apart...

Targeting the right customers

Say you're in the landscaping business and want to attract customers from a specific zip code with high value, you actually have the ability to target that specific geographic area.


By using long-tail keywords your messaging reaches those potential customers you've identified that have higher income, more close potential, or volume of work. Your competitors meanwhile will likely spend more on a more generalized approach, allowing you little to no competition for those groups.

Some examples of this:



New Gardens in Kingwood

Using phrases like this also allows you to avoid keyword competition that can bury your service offerings along with everyone else.  



Adjusting the content on your website to be seen more often from your ideal customers isn't only for PPC ads!

By using variations for the common service terms and offerings you provide, your organic search rankings (all the people that found you by searching for a keyword or phrase) will be higher than your competitors over time.

SEO  can also differentiate your business by placing you as a niche expert for certain searches. This tactic is invaluable to those home service businesses that offer mostly the same services. Think of it like this: 

If you own a landscaping business for example, that specializes in "Weed killing for Bermuda grass" as opposed to just "Weed Killing", or, "1 Day Tankless water heater installations" versus "Water heater installs" your company will be valued higher in search terms for those keywords. You can then begin to become the first choice for customers looking for those services or even portions of those phrases. Additionally, you can use variations of common terms such as:

Best Electricians in Houston

Houston Best Electrician

Electrician Best Houston 

These variations allow you to compete for those common keyword terms and phrases.  

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Tips like these are how we help our client's boost the performance of their digital ads and why we've been recognized as Google All-stars

Learn other ways that your Home Services business can stand out from the competition. If you'd like to ask one of our Google All-stars a question, click here.

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