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Campaigns, content, data, and testing, it’s a lot to manage. However, to be effective you need to understand which of these elements can provide the most immediate return versus those that will elicit long term results.

These elements are essential to understanding not only your customers, but your organization and its effectiveness.
digital marketing expectation versus reality

Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

"There’s nothing like comparing your notes from a creative brainstorm meeting to a campaign follow-up at the end of the quarter. As marketers and creatives, we tend to dream big. Which is great! But over time, we learn the reality of some of those ideas – which usually translates to being more practical and strategic with our approach. So here is what we’ve learned by moving from the think tank to the quarterly marketing report, from expectation to reality".



Truly successful digital marketing and advertising is rooted in shortening the length of time between outreach and conversion.

For you this could mean leads, calls, opened emails, and so on, what's important to know is that every activity you undertake should have variables and those variables will tell you what works and what doesn't.

Testing can be based on content, timing, and many other variables and to understand what type of variable to use and when takes expertise.

Learn more about digital marketing tests and how they can be used.

Man hands fixing a thermal insulation in boiler room

Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Home Services Business

"In the Home Services industry, there has been a marked increase in competition due to the potential for higher profits than ever and low barriers to entry. This fact has caused many business owners to look for ways to combat lower quality entrants into the market and regain lost market share".



Reaching a target market or audience actually involves more than driving someone to a piece of content based on keywords.

What do they see when they get there? Is it relevant? Does it make sense? Have you identified your core personas? The goal should always be about solving their issues and pains with messaging that cleverly and purposely lets them know you have the solution.

Taking a look at the language on your website and who it really serves is a great place to start your overall digital marketing audit.

See how the right content easily moves your audience down the sales funnel.

Top Digital Marketing Agency 2021

On-Target Recognized as Top Digital Marketing Company

"Digital Marketing is a fundamental need for businesses to compete in the modern marketplace, and On-Target was just recognized as one of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in the U.S.! We always appreciate the recognition, but we love nothing more than helping our clients turn their dreams into reality on the screen".


You want eyes on your website, products, and outreach, but how are you getting those views?

Should a PPC plan be a sole focus, or should SEO be a part of it as well? Many organizations are using analytics data more than ever before to help make those decisions. With 1 of every 2 searches containing four or more words, these insights can help you determine how and what to spend your marketing budget on.

Discover ways to spend smarter for your leads

Double exposure of business man hand working on blank screen laptop computer on wooden desk as concept with social media diagram

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

"Digital marketing is the most effective way to drive people to a website and to help it rank better with search engines. And thankfully for most small businesses, digital marketing is far less expensive than the offline marketing techniques that were the only options years ago."



Keep their attention with the right message at the right time.

With the rise of digital marketing comes the need for management and automation of every process behind content, outreach, and analytics. CRM's such as HubSpot and Salesforce allow your organization to create, schedule, deploy, track, and refine almost any process within digital marketing and they are only getting more robust.

Implementation of these systems isn't the challenge it used to be and can give tremendous upside once used correctly.

Learn more about CRM usage and optimization.

home builder digital marketing

How Are Top Home Builders Using Digital Marketing?

"The real estate industry can no longer rely on print ads and billboards to sell homes. More and more home builders are taking advantage of digital marketing tactics. In fact, the top digital trends for home builders reflect increasing consumer reliance on Internet-based data".


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