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Why You Should Be A/B Testing Everything

User experience is at the heart of every piece of messaging and content an organization produces. Often though, that messaging and content doesn't reach expected levels of engagement or returns. That can have widespread impact on future campaign spending, and site messaging.

So, what's the solution? 

Similar to experimenting in science, creating variations for everything from web pages to emails can give you valuable information. Here's what it looks like, and why it works. 

It's easy to control

Using the idea of experimenting, taking an email for instance and merely changing the subject line you send to several clients with no other significant alterations will tell you how the message is interacted with. Over time, adapting subject lines that show higher opens will give email campaigns better performance and lead to more conversions.


It shows who you're serving

Testing voice, and intent against two constraints will give you a clear indication  of what actually matters to your audience. Is the product or service meeting their needs, or satisfying your own? By looking at analytics data for two or more variants, you can uncover and remove self serving language and bias and actually be more effective. 

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It can be as involved as you want it to be

Need to understand why certain button colors are clicked more often? Would your marketing team like to know the best time to publish their latest video? Multi-variant testing, while more difficult is rooted in A/B. Once results are seen, further refining those successful results against others can essentially "bulletproof" the outreach and messaging of your organization.

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If you're not already making and testing multiple versions of content, web pages, or emails, starting can be somewhat of a challenge. However, the information your organization can gain from A/B testing is invaluable. For more ways to start, give us a call. If you still have question, take a look at this resource. Also, give our best marketing companies in Houston a call if you want the best content writing services in the USA.