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How Google My Business Can Bring You Leads

Understanding and anticipating your customers needs and wants relative to your product or service offering will bring you more business. How do you get those insights, and how can you use Google My Business to attract more leads?

The first step is making sure you've connected Google Analytics to your website. This article explains how, and below, explore how to use GMB for lead generation.

Get Insightful

Google My Business insights will give you valuable information about the habits of your customers. What do they do after looking at your business listing? Do they call, get directions, visit your website, or send a message? Knowing what actions are taken over time can help you focus your marketing efforts more into those channels which int turn will bring in more leads. An additional bit of information which is extremely helpful is where your customers are visiting you from since starting point data from directions is tracked as well. This can help you further target your efforts in those zip codes that have the highest number of map starting points. 


Reviews make a difference

Studies show 70% of potential customers will read at least 10 or more reviews before deciding to engage with a company. This fact means that Google My Business has huge implications when review management and requests are handled effectively. Sending review requests and then receiving them back publishes the results on your business's map pack and signals to Google to move your ranking up in the local 3-pack as a leader in your industry. As most searchers will click the top result, your business will see more leads and conversions as a result.

Google review

Google can also give you data on the times of day in which customers call you most, so you can be prepared for peak call times. As the platform evolves more and more functionality for digital marketing and lead generation will arise, and you can be prepared. Take a look at our digital transformation resources, this resource for home services, or feel free to contact us with your questions.