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How Your Business Can Benefit From A Brand Makeover

  • Your website has been untouched since the Clinton Administration. 
  • Sales have fallen for 8 straight quarters.
  • Your employees are leaving for your competitors.

Whatever the case is for you, there are some great advantages to refreshing your business with a brand makeover. The extent of which really depends on your situation, but here are some of great ways that businesses can benefit from Brand Makeovers:



Every business needs market share, and to get more of it, more customers need to know about your business. The reality though is that attracting awareness can be quite expensive, but it doesn't have to be. A brand makeover gives your organization the perfect opportunity to promote a new logo, website, or entire brand refresh through social media, targeted pay per click advertising and email campaigns.



Sometimes the biggest issue that a business can face is the lack of growth. This is especially difficult if you're running the day to day operations of your business as well as completing jobs. Inevitably, spreading yourself too thin can have negative consequences on customer satisfaction or your mental health. Luckily, a brand makeover can help increase visibility leading to new sales, more profits etc. That new revenue will allow you the financial ability to hire new staff, expand, and get away from running jobs yourself. 

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One of the most overlooked aspects of a brand makeover is what it can do for your business long term. By identifying and correcting internal issues with your email marketing, website functionality, and sales processes, your business will have an advantage in the long term. These areas are often misaligned with current business practices, or worse yet, unused by the sales team. With these three areas being addressed, automation can be implemented to give more time back to sales teams for other business development efforts.

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Whatever stage your business is in, it can be worthwhile to have an outside expert take a look at your business as a whole to identify any gaps. If issues are found, our brand makeovers take less than two weeks to fully implement, meaning little to no disturbance in your day to day. The upsides are felt almost immediately though. If you're curious, take a look at our Brand Makeover resource to get started.