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3 HubSpot Integrations Our Clients Love

Hubspot is king when it comes to bringing everything together in one place. Which means less hassle, more control and not to mention — a seamless alignment between marketing and sales. You can even use many of your favorite tools with Hubspot, thanks to hundreds of comprehensive integrations for popular softwares that businesses like yours use on a daily basis. Many of these tools are when used powerful alone, but they are even better when used together. Here are the top 3 integrations the companies we work with love to use.


Email is most effective when it's connected with the rest of your efforts, like Google search, social media, landing pages, and analytics. Hubspot provides the tools that cut across each of those elements. You can do everything your original email platform offers and more — including sending emails directly from the platform and immediately logging the correspondence within the lead’s contact record.

Not only can you optimize the pages you're promoting by email, but you can also use social media to expand the reach of your content, ensure sure the content displays well across mobile devices, and gather data on how your email marketing — all from one place. You can then use data from your email inbox to make decisions by running tests to see what yields the best results. Monitor open rates, click through rates, unsubscribe rates easily each time you send an email.


Now you can manage all of your sales documents easier and more effectively with the PandaDoc integration. PandaDoc allows you to create, send, eSign, and track quotes, proposals and contracts all without leaving HubSpot CRM — saving you valuable time. Think custom sales proposals specific to each business.

It gets better… ever wonder what happens after you click send? PandaDoc makes sure no deal will ever go dark again with robust analytics. In HubSpot CRM, you can see when your document was opened, viewed, and for how long your recipient spent on each page. You can also pre-populate your documents with crucial information from your Contact, Companies, and Deal objects.

Call Rail

Wish making sales calls was as organized and measurable as sending an email? Now it is. CallRail is a product that enables you to receive, record, and track inbound calls and text messages directly within your HubSpot CRM. It automatically records and logs all inbound calls and text messages as a contact activity, all from one place. Marketers can attribute phone call leads back to the original marketing source.

You can also use CallRail to create target market segments, view reports on phone call events, and trigger workflows to kick-start the sales cycle; all of which provide you with better insight to your leads and help you to better serve your customers. This will empower your marketers to optimize campaigns based on the knowledge of what marketing efforts are paying off. Plus, automatic call and text logging in your HubSpot CRM means your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more time closing deals.

Bonus: Hubspot App

If these integrations didn’t already spell out ease, the Hubspot mobile app is sure to impress. You can manage your full HubSpot stack in one powerful app and have your most important updates within reach at all times. On the way to a meeting and forgot an important detail? No problem, it’s all there on the app. Decide which metrics you want to prioritize across your marketing and sales funnels and bring them front and center.

Once you log in to the HubSpot app, you can access reports in your Digest, view and update contacts and companies in Contacts, monitor your deals and tasks in Sales or Tasks, analyze your email engagement in Marketing, access your chat conversations directly in Conversations, and manage your Settings. It’s no surprise Hubspot was named the #1 Marketing Automation App!