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5 Ways to Explain Hubspot to Your Boss (and get them onboard)

Inbound marketing works. You know it, but does your boss know it? They might be impressed to hear that businesses who employ inbound marketing methods save 62 percent per lead compared to the cost of obtaining leads through traditional marketing methods – but what if they are skeptical about how the platform works? Here are a few easy ways to explain Hubspot to your boss so they will get the bigger picture.


Hubspot manages all of your marketing efforts in one place

Hubspot is king when it comes to bringing everything together in one place. Most marketing tools are independent, forcing marketers to manage different parts of their marketing campaign in different places. With HubSpot, it’s not longer a mystery how your marketing is achieving the goals you’ve identified for each individual campaign. Because HubSpot is an integrated marketing software platform, you can easily manage your entire marketing campaign and all the pieces from one, easy-to-use app.


Hubspot gives you impressive data on client behavior

Hubspot allows you to monitor contact behavior patterns, like number of page visits, email opens and even the click of a button. Every time a visitor lands on your website, HubSpot will check for an existing tracking cookie. If one does not exist, a cookie will be associated with that visitor and will log every page that person visits moving forward. A customer behavior analysis provides insight into the different variables that influence an audience. It gives you an idea of the motives, priorities, and decision-making methods being considered during the customer's journey.


Hubspot is based on Inbound Marketing tactics

Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. How do you do that? You attract prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content. Once they arrive, you engage with them using conversational tools like email and chat and by promising continued value. And finally, you delight them by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor and expert. Hubspot provides you with the tools to make your inbound marketing strategy a success.


Hubspot has powerful analytic functions

With Hubspot you can measure the performance of your entire marketing funnel in one place with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. It’s everything you need to be a smarter, data-driven marketer. Track the complete customer lifecycle, from anonymous visitor to loyal customer. Break down any report by the contact or company-level properties in your database or CRM to discover key trends in your data over time. Create events to track actions taken on your website so you can understand visitors’ behavior and trigger automation workflows.


Hubspot is easy to set-up

If you want to get the thing set up and running as fast as possible – no problem. You can get the HubSpot CRM set-up in just 5 days. You can even use many of your favorite tools with Hubspot, thanks to hundreds of comprehensive integrations for popular softwares that businesses like yours use on a daily basis. Connect your HubSpot CRM and marketing data to all the other tools your team uses automatically, like MailChimp, Google Contacts, FullContact and more. Many of these tools are when used powerful alone, but they are even better when used together. Here are the top 3 integrations the companies we work with love to use.