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Get Acquainted with Inbound Marketing: 6 (Not-Boring) Videos

So you’re interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing? You came to the right place.

According to the State of Inbound Report, 76% of marketers use inbound marketing approach as their primary strategy. Which also means if you’re not taking advantage of the inbound strategy, many of your competitors probably are.

But it’s never too late to flip the tables and get ahead of the game. And there’s never a better time than now.

So here are 6 videos to help you get started with the Inbound Marketing strategy. We promise they won't bore you to tears (that's not the inbound way). 

"Inbound Marketing" The Movie

by Hubspot

Synopsis: Anna Darling, a struggling marketer on a mission to bring inbound marketing to Outbound Enterprises, refuses to adhere to her company's dated and ineffective marketing methods. As she suffers the wrath of her boss and colleagues, her best friend offers encouragement and an office romance fuels her fire.




Inbound vs. Outbound (EXPLAINED)

by Market & Hustle

How does inbound marketing differ from the traditional marketing we have known for years? Market & Hustle breaks down the difference between a Inbound vs. an Outbound Digital Marketing and how they both can work together to help you reach your marketing and business goals.




Inbound Marketing Campaign: A Digital Nomad Case Study

by Hubspot Academy

Looking for an example of a real-life inbound marketing campaign? Justin, digital nomad and content professor, dives into how he used an inbound campaign successfully for his business Wild We Wander. Learn how to create an inbound marketing campaign in support of a topic-driven content strategy.



Inbound Marketing Introduction with Nick Steiner

by On-Target! Marketing

Get to know the basics of Inbound with this simple, straightforward tutorial on inbound marketing. Get ready to stop wasting time and energy with traditional outbound marketing and discover the genius of Inbound Marketing with your Inbound Specialist, Nick Steiner




The Adventures of Captain Inbound

by Hubspot

Because learning should be fun. And because inbound is all about entertaining and delighting the customer. In this video, Greta Get Found, Chris Covert, Annie Analyze and Captain Inbound work together to defeat the Sultan of Spam! Be prepared for some giggles.




Dan Tyre | The Modern CRM

by On-Target! Marketing

Dan Tyre, head of sales at Hubspot, visits the On-Target! office to teach clients how the HubSpot CRM automatically inputs data, helps you understand where prospects are in their buying journey and provides notifications so you never miss a great opportunity.