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Repurposing Content to Create Powerful Sales Emails

When it comes to doing Inbound marketing right, email should be a method for inspiring people to actually do something. Whether it’s to visit a website, read an article, download an eBook, or watch a video – the goal is to create some sort of action. 

This means your emails need to garner enough interest that the recipient not only reads through the email, but they actually open and click through the links you send. And if you provide them with quality information that they are looking for, you’ll be rewarded with stronger relationships and potentially new customers.

This is where content comes in handy. A wise marketer can use one basic marketing tool, such as a brochure, to generate several powerful pieces of content that can be used in your next email campaign — providing multiple opportunities to entice potential customers with valuable information.

Here are a few examples of how you can use repurposed content as strong call-to-actions in your sales emails.

Download eBook

A great way to repurpose content is to create an ebook that provides the answer to a specific problem. You can revise and compile your most valuable content into a guide that tells one well designed and coherent story. Chapter titles, chapter summaries and graphics can help make your eBook a valuable asset in your marketing strategy. Be sure to link a landing page where people can download it for free.

Read Article

No matter what form your content starts out as, creating a blog article on the topic is a good idea. Blogs are easy to share, easy to promote, and easy to read. You can also consider revising articles with an angle that appeals to specific personas, or break down long articles turning the subtopics into their own form of content.

View Infographic

People love infographics. By turning content into an infographic, you can present all of your ideas and data in visual form to help educate the reader. This can be a lot more appealing to a potential customer than reading through paragraphs of copy. Embed your infographic to a scrolling landing page and include a link for best results.

Watch Video

Turn the most impactful part of your sales slide show into a video, using live human explanations along side slides. Or, ask a client who has provided a written testimonial to share their story on camera. Short and simple is always better, just make sure you are creating value. If you end up with one long video — you can also try breaking it into smaller video clips of short stories.

• • • 

There are many other ways to use repurposed content in emails, just remember to always provide something of value to your potential customers. For more ideas on the costs, see this, or watch our video on creating content people care about.