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How Home Services Businesses Can Compete Online.

Largely, home services businesses have subsisted through the recent pandemic, and are poised for a busy year in 2021. That's great news, but for small to medium sized organizations, a new greater challenge remains...competing online for better market share. Luckily, implementing the following tips can allow for better market penetration.

Look the part

An attractive and functional website isn't just essential, it gives your organization immediate credibility to potential customers. This is especially true when many websites in the industry serve little more than checking a box for either having a website or not. 



Make Social Media work for you

Every home services business understands the need to have a social media presence, but using software like Hootsuite or If This Then That (IFTTT) can help. If your brand, or industry is mentioned, you receive an alert so you're able to capture the business right when someone needs it. 

how often should I post on social media


Use long-tail keywords in PPC

By using more targeted and niche keywords, your ads can still be effective and more cost effective. These keywords allow your business to compete with well funded competitors and actually capture market share for unique service offerings. For instance, if you offer fast pool cleaning services in Austin, your PPC ads could include phrasing like "24-hour pool cleaning services in Westlake".


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