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Digital Processes for Small Businesses

Small businesses today must be resilient, adaptable, and most importantly digital. Why?

To compete in high-demand industries like home services, smaller organizations have to put systems in place that will provide not only long term success, but the opportunity for growth.

Below are a few examples of those processes and how they can be leveraged for almost any small business.

Automated lead generation

Sourcing and securing the next job is always top of mind for any small business. However, many small business owners actually do their own work, so it's critical to have a lead funnel coming in that doesn't require any additional oversight. Basic SEO and PPC advertising campaigns are popular digital options as well as email marketing programs that send out promotions to your contacts. All of these options can increase visibility for your company, but also greatly reduce the number of cold calls and reliance on referrals to stay busy.

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The "new" referral method

All small businesses understand the necessity of having a robust referral base and in past years, 90% of it was word of mouth. Those referrals have evolved to social media and review sites where small companies can set bids on work, implement and request tagging on completed jobs from their customers as well as have instant access to new customers with messaging. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunity that small businesses may not have had access to in the past. 

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Your digital storefront

There is no doubt regarding the effectiveness of a well optioned and maintained website in building and maintaining awareness for small business. What many of small businesses haven't implemented are the ways in which your website can win, close, and schedule business independently. There are vast numbers of call tracking, scheduling, bidding, and messaging programs that can be embedded into web pages to do the heavy lifting for your business.

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No matter what stage your small business currently is in utilizing these areas, we can help. From implementing new systems to auditing current digital processes, winning more business is as easy as asking On-Target!

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