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How The Customer Experience Affects Your Home Services Business

The Home Services industry is experiencing a shift where consumers have the luxury of choice in the number of providers available to them. This has also led to the value of their overall purchase experience reaching an all time high. Put simply, if your customers experience any breakdown or perceived devaluation of themselves as am integral part of the process, they will seek it elsewhere. Recent studies suggest that 82% of them would switch home service companies based on a bad experience.

With the stakes higher than ever, here are some ways to provide your customers the best brand experience. 

Pricing Transparency

As a home services consumer, few things are more frustrating than getting a quote and scheduling service from a PPC ad for instance, only to discover that there was a lower price available on the website. Unfortunately, this is an all too common practice to drive phone calls or web visits that ultimately leads to high customer loss rates. If a product or service is offered at a discount on a Google ad, it should be mirrored on every other channel used by a business. 


Seamless Experience

As a customer transitions from a targeted web ad to a landing page, then a service page, finally to a quote form, your business must engage with them at each step. Not only is this part of the sales funnel, each channel must work in tandem to get the conversion. The ease in which the process happens is what will separate your business from competitors with less refined processes. This means that data should flow between channels in a way that the customer is required to do very little in the way of entry. OAuth has become one of the leading ways to pass along this information. If you're not offering it to lessen the information your customer has to enter, they will likely seek services elsewhere.

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