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How PPC Can Sustain Cyclical Home Service Businesses

For those in the home services industry, the reality of the cyclical needs of customers can be a cause for concern. After all, there normally isn't much need for mowing services in the dead of winter, or heater repair in July. If you're only planning on working half the year during busy season that's one thing, but if you want to build a robust business that is sustainable throughout the entire year, here's how:

Start Advertising with PPC...now

Spending money on advertising is actually the key to creating a sustainable business model.


Over 75% of home services businesses rely on word of mouth or other non-digital means to get their next job. For most of them, it has been that way for years. However, PPC allows better visibility to a targeted area and audience and higher in search rankings since you paid to be there. This can create a backlog of work for your business that will allow you to have work you can plan on instead of constantly having to "hunt" for more work. Further, this backlog can carry you through slower months depending on industry. 



Promote something new

Maybe your pool services business is ready to begin offering winterizing, so what better way to get started quickly than advertising a promotional rate? PPC can help position your business as a leader in that area just by visibility alone even if others have offered a similar service for years. There is further upside as your customers will also remember your business first for the same service during the next off season. 



Seasonality doesn't have to be a negative for your home services business when PPC is used as a piece of your overall marketing plan. Building a lead pipeline takes time, and creating a large backlog is achievable. If you want to learn more about how PPC can help, look at this. 

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