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Creating Content People Care About

Content creation is one of the most important marketing tools to get noticed online. But ... how do we do it? Constantly coming up with new content can sound overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips for creating great content. 

Follow Industry News:

You must be plugged in with news and trends related to your industry if you’re going to create relevant, timely content. It’s easy to follow even dozens of news and commentary sources by subscribing to industry bloggers or email newsletters from niche publications. By checking these feeds every day, you’ll find tons of content ideas. You might write a blog post that comments on a major news headline, or explains why a certain event matters to your audience.

Repurpose Content:

Never be afraid to repackage and repurpose your content! Almost every piece of content you create can be adapted, reused, modified and republished in another format. Make a habit of finding multiple ways to package and distribute the same information in different formats. You can combine text from old whitepapers with new videos to create a video (multimedia) ebook. Turn blog posts into videos. Share all company presentations in multiple formats.

Share Data and Research:

Customers, prospects, bloggers, and reporters covering your industry LOVE new data. Find ways you can data mine your recent sales information or your audience for unique new research about your niche. You can look at data for interesting trends about your marketplace, such as your top selling products, the geographic distribution of your customers, customer shopping habits (time of day, day of the week, etc.), or demographic breakdown of your customers.

Create Buyer Personas

Before you start creating content that resonates with readers, it is important to get a better understanding of who your readers are, especially the ones you want to convert into leads and customers. That means if you haven't developed personas yet, now is the time. We've talked a lot about how to create buyer personas – and you can read our free guide to conducting the research.

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