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Graphic Design Trends

Staying at the forefront of graphic design trends is usually relegated to those organizations who have a high number of creatives on staff or work in a highly artistic industry. However, here are some of the highlights that can help your business take advantage of the visual trends coming next year.

1) Abstract designs— Think M.C. Escher mixed with The Greatful Dead. More adventurous brands or anyone looking to cut through the static could definitely benefit from these. 

2) Symbolism— Telling your brand's story or message with a single image can be difficult, but the reward is high recall from your target market. 

3) Retro-futurism — Harkening to the Jetsons®, these images can give high uplift to product launches or content that may have gone stale.

4) Comics & Pop Art — Everyone loves a superhero, and images like these have instant appeal for almost any demographic.

5) Socially Conscious — In the era of highly visible and sadly, devise social movements, this can be one of the most polarizing choices a brand can make should these images be used. 

No matter what route your business chooses to take in graphic design, the intent of the design should always be as important as the design or theme itself. Particular attention should be paid to who the target market is as well as brand perception especially in a professional services field. You probably wouldn't care about seeing a psychedelic themed email from your dentist reminding you of an appointment, but would expect it from a millennial ad agency.

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