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What Does Great Website Design Look Like In 2021?

Website design is always changing, and with it come new trends for layouts, visuals and content that is meant to engage the user, but more importantly move them to conversion. 2021 is no different, however, there are some very unique design elements this year that are worth noting if you were in a position to add to your website or completely revamp it. Here are a few of those trends that our web development company in Houston think will be here to stay:

Parallax Animation

One of the many ways in which a website can improve its look and feel is with depth. While not a new concept, parallax scrolling and animations give the viewer a different experience than many other websites and when done well, make them highly sharable on this premise alone.

Parallax image example

3D Imagery

The advantage of this design is that it caters well to many industries, but probably none more than real estate, where floor plans can come to life. This is incredibly beneficial due to the decrease in visits to home listings as a potential buyer can literally "picture" themselves in a home and account for furniture and appliance placement. 

Matterport Image example

Black & White 

This design stylizes products, and services with an emphasis on the description, or feeling elicited rather than relying on highly colorful visuals to create a response. It is essentially the antithesis of the previous decade of website design in that with this theme, less really is more.

Image of Mac Pro

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Somewhat similar to the 3D example, this immersive tactic allows users to place themselves into an environment that they would not otherwise be able to interact with. Vehicle manufacturers, vacation websites, and construction firms have all used this design to great success, and 2021 is poised to be a year for even greater usage. This is especially true on mobile devices, where museums, and theme parks have already begun adoption of this design technique. 

Image of child playing with tablet

While these are just a few of the website design elements that we think will have staying power, only time can really tell their effectiveness. If you're interested in learning more about how your current website design is affecting your online presence, get your free report here

If you still have questions, view this resource, or, please contact us for answers.