Lead Attribution For Home Service Businesses: Here's Why It Matters

Feb 16, 2021 9:26:31 AM

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Your phone is ringing, and business is going well. Sounds great right?

For many home service businesses, lead attribution is as rudimentary as asking a new customer how he or she heard about the company and then giving no more thought to it. Unfortunately, in an increasingly competitive home services landscape, knowing how you get a lead is actually more important than the lead itself.


Where you spend your advertising money makes a difference

Running that latest Facebook promotion, or showcasing your services on Instagram are all valuable activities that countless home service businesses rely on for visibility. Maybe you've even thought to view the insights and noticed that there was a better return on investment from that Facebook promotion this month than last. What often isn't asked is which platform, promotion, posting time, audience, and message was most effective relative to spend. This information is the heart of true lead attribution and can't be uncovered by merely asking your customers how they found you. Starting to track it is easier if you have a robust CRM so trend data begins to help make a case for the next step...

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Please sir, I want some more...leads

Once you start truly tracking where your leads are originating from, a decision can be made to put additional time and monetary resources into those activities. Knowing where, what, when, and who you should be reaching with your PPC, Social Media or other marketing spending will result in higher amounts of leads naturally. One caveat though, is that agility in platform and spend is crucial because consistency in one source producing leads month after month and year over year is extremely rare. Be prepared to go back to your CRM and use the analytics data for the next campaign to be effective. 



If your home services business has more leads than you can handle, or if you need more, we can help you understand and track how you're getting them. We'll also help develop a plan to scale your lead growth in a way that keeps you busy without sacrificing customer service. 

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