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Should We Be Doing Offline Marketing?

Absolutely! Whoever said “print is dead” was missing the big picture. Ideally, our marketing strategies should be well-rounded and branch out to several platforms. This means utilizing a variety of different tools – from print ads to trade shows, with the goal of maximizing reach. Of course, all of your efforts should be based on clearly defined goals and be centered around your target audience, depending on their specific interests, location, demographics, etc.. But chances are your marketing plan will greatly benefit from using offline marketing tactics. Here are a few to consider.

Side note: chew on this interesting tidbit: Martin Lindstrom, writer of “Brand Sense,” believes that those brands that appeal to more than three senses will be more successful with their advertising efforts than brands that don’t.

Print Ads and Billboards

Billboards and print ads help build brand credibility and authenticity. In fact, when making purchasing decisions, consumers trust print advertisements 34% more than they trust search engine ads, according to MarketingProfs. Not to mention, print ads are more versatile than ever. By using a combination of QR codes, mobile apps and landing pages, a print ad can easily be a part of a lead-generation campaign.

Print ads and billboards also provide a great opportunity to reach a hyper-local audience. For example, we run ads for a real estate developer in the community newspaper and utilize a main highway billboard space that is a just few miles from the development. Which would catch your attention more - a giant billboard seen every day on your commute or scrolling past a digital ad? Recent neurological research suggests our brains process information differently based on how we receive it. Our brains on paper seem to have a longer attention span than our brains on a digital screen.


Flyers and Brochures

The good old fashioned brochure. They are definitely not out of style, no matter how many powerpoint or videos come your way. Brochures send the subtle message that your business is professional, reliable, and committed to quality. And with the ongoing battle for attention online, a brochure or flyer is a great way to break away from the clutter and offer people something tangible that can also be passed around a department floor or meeting. After spending an entire day behind a computer screen, many people are probably more likely to glance through a brochure versus a website.

Flyers and brochures are refreshingly cost effective and easy to distribute. Bring them along to your next event, new client meeting or distribute them to potential customers. They will help reinforce your band messaging and will stick around a lot longer than a digital ad.

Events and Trade Shows

Spice things up a bit. Get people out from behind their desks. Make a lasting impression. Get to know your audience. Event marketing is perhaps the most effective way to break through the clutter, especially if you make your event fun or interesting. At trade shows, you will have the chance to engage with your potential customers on a personal level, market to them directly and receive immediate feedback. Not to mention, a properly marketed event can even attract media attention and press coverage.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your email list while hosting an event. Keep a tablet or iPad handy for people to submit their contact information then be sure to follow up with them right after the event is over.

Here are a few examples of events we have hosted:

    • Steak tasting party for Allura Fiber Cement (B2B)
    • Trade show booth for Signum Instruments (B2B)
    • Realtor happy hour for Holcomb Properties (B2B)
    • Grand opening event + press for Rosehill Reserve (B2C)
    • Crawfish boil for DPIS Builder Services (B2B)


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