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What are Drip Emails And How Do They Work?

It’s never been a better time to take advantage of email marketing – no matter the size of your contact list. There are so many new tools for the job, such as email automation, that provide immense value to brands looking boost their conversion rates. These tools require minimal time and budget and are more effective than ever. In fact, a drip email campaign is one of the best investments a marketer can make in 2020 – with an average ROI of $38 for every dollar spent..

What Are Drip Emails?

Simply put, drip emails are a way to interact with your contacts on a regularly scheduled basis. They “drip” into the email inbox over a period of time. 

“Drip marketing is a type of automated campaign focused on email, which allows you to send out a series of scheduled and personalized emails to your contact database over an extended period of time. Whether the goal is nurturing new leads, retaining customers, or increasing company awareness, a drip campaign will help you get there,” as explained by Hubspot.

For example, when someone uses a contact form on your website to sign-up for more information – that action will trigger a welcome email on day 1, a follow-up email on day 5 and couple other follow-up engagement emails on days 8, 11 and so on– all thanks to email automation. Your new contact will receive relevant emails that continue to capture their interest over a period of time, encouraging them to take action or make a purchase.

How Do Drip Emails Work?

Before launching a drip campaign, it’s important to identify what your goals are. This can range anywhere from increasing brand awareness, creating engagement, inspiring potential customers to make a purchase, or inviting repeat customers to return. Make sure you consider these goals in each step of the campaign-creation process as they will guide you in how you create the design, copy, layout, etc. of each drip email.

“In a drip campaign, each email is an opportunity approach your reader from a new angle—and elicit a distinct emotional response. This will help build trust in your brand without overstating, repeating, or annoying. By the time (or preferably before) you’ve hit on your value from all possible angles, the way is paved for your lead to a) note who you are, b) check out your offerings, and/or c) move merrily to the buy,” as explained by MarketSmiths.

A drip email campaign can consist of 3-5 emails or even as many as 10-15 emails, depending on the industry. Remember that you don’t want to drive potential customers away be inundating them with too many emails. It’s critical that you find a sweet spot of staying relevant without overwhelming. Again, this will vary by industry as well.

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