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New brand name, logo, website, sales collateral, trade show booth...in two weeks? Done.

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Expanding Opportunities in a Changing Market

When faced with the need for a quick go-to-market strategy, companies turn to On-Target! Based in Houston, TX, Allura, a part of Elementia, faced the challenge of a rebranding on short notice. This involved a new name, logo, website, tradeshow materials, and sales collateral to close deals swiftly.

Brand Reinvention: New Name, Logo & Positioning

The name "Allura" was carefully selected to capture the allure of the color and texture options offered by Elementia's fiber cement division. The logo design showcases a palette of color squares, representing the customers' process of selecting their preferred texture and color combinations. By featuring images of women modeling the samples, the brand achieved instant recognition and positioning. In less than 18 months, Allura was voted the industry's top siding brand in Builder & Developer magazine's Brand Preference survey.

What We Did

Creative Development: Creative development involves brainstorming and conceptualizing unique ideas for marketing campaigns that resonate with the brand's vision and target audience.

Graphic Design Support: Graphic design support entails creating visually captivating graphics, illustrations, and layouts for diverse marketing materials like brochures, social media posts, and advertisements.

Web Design and Build: Web design and build encompass crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites, ensuring seamless functionality and a delightful user experience.

Video Production: Video production involves meticulously planning, shooting, and editing videos for promotional purposes, including commercials, explainer videos, and product demonstrations.

Event Marketing: Event marketing focuses on strategizing and executing effective marketing plans for events such as trade shows, conferences, and product launches. The goal is to raise brand awareness and attract attendees.

Outdoor Marketing: Outdoor marketing harnesses the power of billboards, bus shelters, and digital screens to reach a broad audience and effectively promote products or services.

B2B/B2C Sales and Marketing Support: B2B/B2C sales and marketing support entails providing assistance in lead generation, customer acquisition, and market research for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.

Allura: Transforming Brand, Winning Market Share, and Generating Sales

Allura, a division of Elementia and based in Houston, TX, successfully tackled the challenge of a rebranding and quick go-to-market strategy with the help of On-Target! Our comprehensive services, including creative development, graphic design, web design, video production, event marketing, outdoor marketing, and B2B/B2C sales support, played a pivotal role in their remarkable journey. The brand reinvented itself with a new name, logo, and positioning, capturing the allure of color and texture options in the fiber cement industry. Their customer-focused executions, highlighted by a visually stunning website and clear messaging, swiftly gained market recognition and resulted in over 650 new leads, ultimately converting into impressive sales numbers within just 7 months. Allura's success story stands as a testament to their ability to transform their brand, capture market share, and generate substantial business growth.


"Magic happens when the right message is put in front of the right audience at the right time. That's what we did for Allura."

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