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Global Reach, Local Touch: Amplifying Coppergate's Online Presence

Coppergate International, a provider of destination services for companies relocating employees into and around the United States, recognized the need to bolster their online presence. Their ambition was not just to reach prospects globally, but also to streamline operations and enhance the client experience. With our expertise in website development and a comprehensive marketing strategy, we set out to create a digital platform that could reach their global audience while maintaining the ease of use and personalized touch that is so vital to their services.

Operational Excellence: Streamlining Processes through a Custom Portal

Coppergate International's commitment to providing exceptional service goes beyond just helping companies relocate employees. They also wanted to ensure their clients could track the status of each relocation in real time, from anywhere in the world. To meet this need, we designed and developed a custom portal that not only offered a personalized digital experience, but also streamlined Coppergate's internal operations. This portal provided clients with a customized dashboard where they could view the status of their employees' relocations and understand the next steps in the process.

What We Did

Website Development: We designed and developed an interactive, user-friendly website to enhance Coppergate International's digital presence. The platform was tailored to be intuitive, allowing clients and prospects to effortlessly navigate through their broad range of services.

Updated Graphic Design: Our creative team revamped the graphical elements on Coppergate's website to better align with their existing branding. This ensured a cohesive aesthetic across all digital platforms, strengthening their overall brand identity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Utilizing industry best practices and the latest SEO techniques, we optimized Coppergate's website to improve its visibility on search engines. This ensured that companies around the world could easily find their relocation services.

Copywriting: We produced engaging, SEO-friendly content to communicate Coppergate's offerings effectively. This not only helped explain their complex relocation services in a simple, accessible manner, but also aided in driving more traffic to their website.

Graphic Design Support: In addition to updating the website graphics, our team provided continuous design support, creating compelling visuals for their online and offline marketing initiatives.

Web Design and Development: We not only focused on the aesthetic aspect of Coppergate's website but also on its functionality. From structuring the site for easy navigation to developing a custom portal for clients, we ensured a seamless and personalized user experience.

Video Production: We crafted a compelling video that narrated the story of Coppergate International. This served to humanize the brand, showcasing their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional destination services.

Marketing Strategy: Our team developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that was in line with Coppergate's objectives. This included improving their online presence, streamlining operations, and creating a robust lead generation strategy.

Amplifying Global Reach and Streamlining Operations: Coppergate's Digital Transformation

Coppergate International, a leading provider of destination services for corporate relocations, embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance their online presence and streamline operations. With our expertise in website development, SEO, and marketing strategy, we helped Coppergate create a global platform that reached their audience while preserving their personalized touch. Through an interactive website, custom portal for clients, and strategic SEO implementation, we amplified their global reach and provided operational excellence, resulting in a seamless user experience and a successful digital transformation for Coppergate International.


“The work On-Target! did was spot on. It was truly like having an in-house marketing team. Overall, thumbs up!"

- Kerrie Wiseman - Coppergate Global” 

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