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5 Essential Emails Home Builders Should Send Regularly

Email marketing works. It provides an excellent return on your invested time and money.

Maximize the potential of your email list by sending out regular emails. Here are 5 essential emails home builders should send every month:

1. The Customer Referral Email

Send out an email that provides value to your clients. Consider providing home maintenance tips, examples of great interior home design, or information on upcoming local events.

Help out your clients for free and they are more likely to provide referrals. Include a brief summary of your referral program at the bottom of the email.

2. The Realtor Email

Keeping realtors happy is vital to the success of your home builders business. The real estate community is tight-knit. Leave a bad impression on a few realtors and word will spread quickly.

Send out an email that makes realtor's lives easier. Provide information about your properties that realtors can easily convey to potential buyers. 

3. The Blog Post Email

Most home builders bombard their customers with advertisements. This marketing practice actually repels customers and reduces trust. 

Blog posts are an excellent alternative to traditional advertising. Send out an RSS to email campaign at least once a week.

4. The Newsletter Email

Send out a high-quality newsletter once or twice a month. The newsletter should summarize current and upcoming events. You can also promote a sale, summarize recent blog posts, or promote a new home.

Use your newsletter to sell but don't use spammy marketing tactics. Always provide value to keep your customers happy.

5. The Auto Responder Email

Auto responders are a simply and effective way to tailor your content to your customer's needs.

For example, you can set up an auto responder that triggers when a customer subscribes to your email list. The auto responder email should contain calls to action such as downloading a brochure or joining your referral program.

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