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5 Free Short Videos for Insightful Marketing Tips

The marketing landscape is changing continuously. Keeping on top of all the latest trends and techniques can, at times, feel like a full-time job. The good news is you can stay in the loop just by setting aside a few minutes a day — thanks to a supply free short videos available across the internet, like these 5 marketing videos. You’ll spend less than 10 minutes watching these short tutorials while in the comfort of your home or office.




How Can My Company Grow Better?

Get the quick run down of some of the best ideas and growth hacks shared at Inbound 2018 – one of the fastest-growing business events in the world because of the unmissable content. The annual INBOUND event has grown to 24,000+ attendees from over 110 countries, with breakout sessions by marketing experts such as Rand Fishkin, Scott Harrison, Beth Comstock, Dharmesh Shaw and Brian Halligam. Stay-in-the-loop with these key takeaways.




Marketing vs Growth

What’s the difference between marketing and growth? Are they the same thing? When it comes down to it, nobody likes getting bombarded with marketing emails and phone calls. But everyone is excited about growth. Listen to Dan Tyre, growth expert at Hubspot, explain how Inbound Marketing can be a great tool to spurring business growth.




Create Content that People Care About

Creating content people care about is no easy job! Yes, you can use blogs, eBooks, video tutorials, etc to drive traffic to your website. But what about the type of content that creates loyal customers? The remarkable video, the impressive article, the helpful tutorial. This video will give you a few ideas on how to create content that matters — appealing to people’s emotions and attract the right type of customer.



Gaining the Unfair Advantage

Does growing your company mean having the competitive upper-hand? We think yes. Why? Because it works. In this short video Dan Tyre, growth expert at Hubspot, shares a few ideas on how to position yourself to gain the unfair advantage when it comes marketing strategy. There are hundreds of case studies from companies in virtually every industry that prove this growth platform works!




Inbound Marketing Introduction

If you’re not familiar with the inbound marketing methodology, watch this quick video for an easy introduction. Chances are you’ve probably heard by now that Inbound Marketing is taking the internet by storm, with good reason. It may be the most effective marketing strategy for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding!

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