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Brand Identity: Why It's More Than Just A Logo

More than just a name and a logo, your brand's identity is rooted in far more than what your customers and competition see. For many businesses though, brand identity is not as valued as it should be. Why should you pay more attention to it?

It evokes emotion

Consider that the ability to effectively sell to and maintain a customer is heavily dependent on how they feel about your brand. Imagine purchasing a new luxury vehicle that has every feature you could want, but zero brand identification on it.

How would you feel knowing that your money was spent on an expensive automobile, but no one could tell what it was? 

Would you want to drive it?

For those purchasing these types of vehicles, the quality of the car is secondary to how it makes the driver feel, and the impression the driver wants to make while driving it. While the product or service you're selling may be different, the emotional connection is still a large part of the buying process for your customer.


It sets you apart

Even in a world where thousands or even millions of other companies do what you do, or sell what you sell, differentiation is possible. How? It all depends on how your organization chooses to sell and market your products or services. For example, there are hundreds of thousands of shoe companies globally, but Toms decided that their brand identity would be different. By investing 1/3 of their profit into campaigns that benefit charities and other grassroots initiatives, their customers are getting more than shoes, they're changing lives. 


It saves you money

Defined brand identity plays the long game in that once established, your organization will be less inclined to chase trends or untested initiatives. This is crucial as trying to be, say, or do what everyone else is doing rarely results in long-term financial success. This isn't to say that innovation isn't necessary, but remaining who you are as a company will allow much higher financial returns over time. 

waste of money

Not sure if your brand identity is attracting the right customers or enough of them? Could it be time for a brand refresh? We'd love to talk to you. Contact us, and get your brand identity working for you fast!