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New Isn't Always Better

You've done it. The new copy and imagery on your social posts, website, and ads look spectacular. Now you're just waiting for the new customers to come in. You keep waiting though, and something clicks...

Why are all my sales and marketing efforts not giving me the results I want? After all, your colleagues and family loved the new look and expected the same results you did. So, where are all those customers and clients at then?

You may have fallen into one of the biggest pitfalls known to many SMB's. New "stuff" isn't always better if there isn't a driving purpose and high level of scrutiny put behind the messaging and intent. Sure, you made a thing, but did that thing do what you wanted it to? If that answer is no, then it's time to re-evaluate the core intent of the update. 

Seek outside perspective from a non-committed or affiliated party and share with them the goal of what your brand messaging is trying to accomplish. What is often found is that there is a bias towards new efforts to placate the one asking when the advice is sought internally. 

Get out there and make your brands messaging and look all it can be, but remember, painting a broken fence doesn't make it a better fence.