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Top 4 Digital Tactics That Are Selling More Homes

A few years ago, builders relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to sell homes. They may have also invested a small amount of money in print and other channels, such as television. However, if you want to sell your inventory of new homes in the world of all things mobile, you want to have a grip on digital marketing trends and know what works. Here are some of the top marketing trends that will take your inventory from full to sold out in no time:

Youtube replaces TV Budgets—The television was once the principal source of media advertising and companies budgeted their marketing with a certain percent going to TV advertisements. Today, television advertisements are nearly-- dead and new online digital media like Youtube are becoming the replacement for TV. Dedicating TV budgets to services like Youtube will allow builders to provide high quality content that they can use in marketing campaigns.



Responsive Website Designs—Make pages that are easier for potential buyers to use with good, responsive website design. For builders, there are some additional factors to consider, such as the fact that many clients will be looking at your website on mobile devices, so you want to optimize your site for mobile first. In addition, the media that is used to show your homes to potential buyers takes up disk space. For a responsive website, the hosting needs to be reliable and have the space available to support media.

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Marketing Automation—The modern publishing solution is newsletters and automated email. Today, you can reach a larger audience with simple marketing automation solutions. For builders, it is worth the investment to apply customized solutions that give users what they want, such as user account, filters, histories and search functionality. The more you can improve the user experience, the more likely they are to find exactly what they are looking for.  

Pay-Per-Click—The solution to drive potential buyers to builders’ websites is less organic SEO and more PPC investments. This is due to the competitive climate of builders and real estate on the Internet. Dedicating a percentage of marketing budgets to pay-per-click campaigns is a great way to drive traffic to your website, while improving content and organic SEO. PPC campaigns will give you a much better return on your investment than investing in organic SEO.

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