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What Are the Best Ways to Improve Emails Results?

There is a load of information available online with tips to boost your email marketing strategy. It could take days to collect all of the new trends and tactics that the experts are sharing. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of that work for you. Here are 5 of the best ways to start improving your email marketing results starting today.

Send Emails Regularly

If you’re only sending out the occasional e-blast or newsletter – you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. Email automation. For example, you can use drip emails to interact with your contacts on a regularly scheduled basis. When someone uses a contact form on your website to sign-up for more information – that action will trigger a welcome email on day 1, a follow-up email on day 5, and a couple other follow-up engagement emails on days 8, 11 and so on – all thanks to email automation.

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Test Different Subject Lines

If you’re seeing the same results, try changing up your subject lines. Make sure you’re using clear and enticing language that is action-oriented. Keep in mind that the subject line is the first thing your email recipients read. It’s also in competition with dozens of other emails people receive daily. That said, it's essential that you make your subject line stand out with clear, eye-catching subject lines. Here are 100 examples of great subject lines to get inspired.


Be More Human

Remember who you are talking to and write in a tone that speaks to them. Why? Because 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalized experiences, according to new Epsilon research. Every piece on content you create should have your audience in mind – whether that’s speaking to their pain points, finding a way to delight them, or evoking their curiosity with new information.

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Spam Proof

Who wants to waste time on emails that only end up in the junk folder? There are a few reasons why you could be getting marked as spam, and it’s absolutely critical that you address them as soon as possible. First of all, don’t send emails to a list that you purchased from a third party and instead only work with contacts you’ve collected through a form or opt-in process. Also, be sure to follow email best practices such as identifying your brand name and address. You can also check to make sure your domain has not been blacklisted.

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Use a Stronger Call-to-Action

If your open rates are high, but your click through rates are low – you may need to work on developing a stronger call-to-action or specific offer. Try something that offers a little more excitement than your generic “submit” button or “learn more” at the end of a paragraph. Make your CTA's text specific about what action the reader must take to receive the offer and create a sense of urgency. You’re looking for the balance between being personable and professional.


If you want to improve your overall email marketing, we can help. Still have questions? Let's chat...