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Strategic growth through powerful creative

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A Symphony of Strategy and Creativity

When William Shaw Remodeling approached On-Target! about growing their business within the Greater Houston Area, the team conducted a strategic analysis on reaching the right people that would drive results. Through this research, On-Target! Marketing identified the affluent art lovers within Houston's 610 loop as the key to unlocking this growth potential. The collaboration was set to redefine the brand's outreach, ensuring William Shaw Custom Homes' message not only reached but also engaged and inspired its ideal audience.

Sparking Curiosity and Building Trust

On-Target! Marketing embarked on a detailed analysis to pinpoint precisely where William Shaw Custom Homes' potential clients congregated, what they valued, and how best to communicate with them. It was determined that this audience demographic was heavily involved in the arts, and opportunities to reach them were identified through publications such as PLAYBILL magazine.

Recognizing the importance of engaging this niche audience not just at a transactional level but on a deeper, more personal level, On-Target! aimed to spark their curiosity and build trust through brand messaging that was as creative and nuanced as the audience itself. This approach leveraged the intersection of art and living spaces, positioning William Shaw Custom Homes not just as a builder, but as a curator of bespoke living experiences that resonate with the artistic sensibilities and high standards of their target clients.

What We Did

  • In-depth Market Research and Audience Segmentation: Leveraged advanced market research techniques to meticulously map the demographics, psychographics, and consumer behaviors of the affluent art-loving community within the 610 loop. This insight was instrumental in crafting a bespoke marketing strategy that resonated on a personal level with this group.

  • Culturally Aligned Advertising Campaigns: Initiated an elegant advertising campaign within select cultural publications, such as PLAYBILL magazine, renowned for its readership among the arts community. The campaign's ads were intricately themed to align with current performances, weaving William Shaw Custom Homes' offerings into the cultural fabric of the target audience's lifestyle.

  • Innovative Direct Mail Campaigns: Designed and distributed creative direct mail pieces, including holographic cards and 3D postcards, which stood as artworks in their own right. These pieces were specifically crafted to appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of art aficionados, ensuring that every interaction with the brand was an experience in luxury and sophistication.

  • Tactical Engagement and Brand Positioning: Through strategic placements and timing, the campaign was designed to intersect with the cultural engagements of the target audience, fostering organic brand discovery and engagement. This approach not only generated buzz but also positioned William Shaw Custom Homes as a brand that embodies luxury, creativity, and an understanding of its clientele's unique lifestyle preferences.

Revenue growth 

The strategic focus on targeting affluent art lovers within the 610 loop catalyzed a transformative growth for William Shaw Custom Homes, elevating the brand from a bespoke homebuilder to a lifestyle emblem for the cultural elite. The campaign's success was marked not only by a significant revenue increase, from $1.5M to $4M, but also by the establishment of a trusted brand presence within a highly specific and lucrative market segment. This growth was further underscored by the campaign's recognition with an industry award, celebrating its innovation and effectiveness in targeting.

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