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3 Tactics for Generating Leads with Mobile Marketing

Using mobile marketing to generate leads may not be as straightforward as your other lead generation tactics, but it is a profitable and efficient way to reach your audience through a constantly growing channel.

Generating leads through mobile marketing requires taking a step back and thinking about ways you can optimize the information and content you already have for mobile experiences.

Here are three tactics you can implement to optimize your content for mobile lead generation. And remember, if your website is responsive, you are more likely to prevent visitors from bouncing off your site anyway. 

Optimize for a Mobile Screen

Think about the situations when you pull out your phone to read an article or check your email. Typically, you only have a few minutes to consume content. When it comes to writing for a mobile audience, there are rules to live by. Frontload your content in case people don’t get to the bottom article. Don’t put the punch line at the end. Make sure people understand the purpose from the start.

 mobile friendly.png


Create Simple Calls-to-Action

Think about how your CTAs will appear on different devices. You may not want the most visually heavy design that could be distracting on the small screen of a mobile device. But you do want an image with clear, readable text. That means short CTAs that get the message across quickly.

Make Your Phone Number Clickable

When someone picks up their mobile phone, they are going to take action. Whether that’s opening an app, searching for a company or simply texting a friend; people are much more action-oriented on a phone versus a computer. Knowing this, it is important to find ways to get a prospect to the point of conversion faster. 

Bottom line, mobile users are, well, mobile. They don’t have time to slow down. It’s up to you to get with the times or risk falling behind. Contact us to set-up a free 30 minute consultation with a mobile strategist.

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