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Marketing to Realtors Will Help You Sell More Homes

New homes are the fiercest category in residential real estate. And according to the 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Trends report, 92 percent of homebuyers use a real estate agent or broker. Realtors who build relationships with home builders and developers can access a flow of new listings — and in turn bring new clients to your properties.


For every 1 realtor who visits your community, 10 potential homebuyers will hear about it. So, how can you as a real estate developer maximize on your relationship with realtors? Below are three ways to ensure that realtors will love working with you!


Online Realtor Program

Realtors visit your website almost as frequently as potential buyers — providing you with the opportunity to draw them in. Create a webpage dedicated to providing realtors with the resources for making an easy sale in your community. This should include an email capture and follow-up emails to nurture the relationship.


realtor program.png


Treat Realtors as Customers  

Since Realtors are an excellent source of qualified leads, treat them as a customer and educate them on the value of your community — with a focus on selling points they can bring back to their client. This means realtors should be included in your marketing strategy for emails, digital ads, social media, etc.


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Realtor Outreach   

Stay top of mind with local Realtors by sending sales teams to the Realtor offices to be a part of meetings, delivering realtor kits and exciting new information about developments in your community. One of the best ways to get foot traffic to a property is by hosting regular happy hours or continuing education classes for the top Realtors in your area.



See how our digital marketing agency for real estate agents can help realtors sell more homes. Or, for any questions you have, contact us today!