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5 Stellar Examples of Marketing Done Right

We all want to find new ways to keep our customers engaged, but coming up with creative marketing that stands out through the clutter can be a challenge. We all need a little help sometimes getting ideas flowing for the next marketing campaign. That’s why we put together our favorite campaigns from Hubspot’s recent eBook on best marketing examples. With that, here are a few inspirational examples of marketing done right from top performing companies.


Who says B2B marketing has to be boring? Check out Microsoft Stories and prepare to be impressed. The first thing you’ll notice is visual quality of the site. As opposed to following a blog template, each post is customized with parallax scrolling, animated graphics, and tedious illustrations. Despite the immense resources of a brand like Microsoft, this blog nevertheless sets a high bar for product storytelling. 


Even if you’re new to the inbound marketing space, you’ve probably figured out the cardinal rule: Be helpful. As opposed to the intrusive nature of outbound marketing, inbound gains the trust of potential customers by creating content the audience actually wants. Check out the Pinterest account of Sewickley Academy, a college preparatory school in Pennsylvania, for an impressive collection of helpful content geared toward helping parents.


Successful B2B marketers know the power of the case study. And especially for brands in the SaaS space, these success stories are often necessary to share the customizable nature of the product for the user. Hootsuite, creator of a social media management dashboard, uses video to highlight their customer’s personality in each case study. Check out the series on their YouTube channel to see an impressive example of each part of the video process: interviewing, production, and editing.


Airbnb’s email personalization strategy is based around anticipating customer needs. The vacation accommodation site tracks your search history and lets you know when additional rentals become available that you might be interested in. As shown above, you’ll also receive perfectly timed emails suggesting you take the time to relax and recharge. Each email fits into their overall marketing campaign, #BelongAnywhere -- helping customers feel at home anywhere they might explore.


We couldn’t help but include one of our own. That’s because this event had a seriously great turn-out! Rosehill Reserve’s launch party was a unique way to get the word out about a new community coming to Houston and bring an idea to life. Formerly an Arabian horse ranch, attendees were invited to tour the property on a horse drawn carriage – followed by an evening of cocktails, music by a live string band and games. 

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