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How You Can Stop Wasting Your Technician's Drive Time

Time is the one thing that is always in short supply, and if your business is providing home services to your customers, there never seems to be enough to go around. In fact, the average home services technician loses about 1/3 of the day to travel. For you the owner, that means fewer profits and less jobs each day. There is a better way though, and it starts with your digital marketing. Here's how to get better results today...


Use Local SEO

This tactic places your services and more importantly, your service technicians within a managable distance from your business address. Often home services businesses will focus their PPC ads, Social media, and website on a large area hoping to capture more business as a result. The reality though is that drive time to service calls can severely impact your ability to deliver the best customer experience possible, leading to poor reviews and less work. 


Delivery driver loading his van with boxes outside the warehouse  

Use Scheduling Software to help manage jobs

For many home services businesses booking jobs is up to the office manager or receptionist if you're lucky enough to have one. These jobs are usually set based on need and in the order they were received and not on general area. Emergency calls not withstanding, sending your technicians on jobs in areas close to one another will give you more flexibility and better a better customer experience. Getjobber.com and Servicetitan.com are some of the most reliable scheduling software suites available.

Project management with gantt chart

If you're missing out on more work for your Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Roofing, Pool Services, or Landscaping business, we can help you maximize your technician's effectiveness and your profits. Take a look at our Home Services Marketing Guide, and if you have any other questions, contact us today!