5 Ways to Spice Up Your Emails

Mar 6, 2018 4:39:00 PM

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Looking to different ways to engage potential customers? You might be taking advantage of the power of email marketing when it comes to trying something new. Let’s face it — most emails are boring, leaving plenty of room for you to do something interesting and boost click-through-rates. Here are a few ideas on how to spice up your emails.


Infuse Humor

You don't have to be the office clown to make readers smile here and there. Often times a simple pun or clever phrasing can liven up a boring email. And if you're not sure whether something is actually humorous or could potentially be offensive, run it by an honest co-worker. Need inspiration? Here are 7 boring brands that used humor to amp up their marketing.


Create a Meme

I don’t always use clichés in marketing, but when I do, I create a meme. If you're not familiar, a meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. Memes most commonly come in the format of visuals such as images, pictures, or videos, but they can also take the form of a link, hashtag, or a simple word or phrase. Their catchy and people love them.


Incorporate Video

Simply including the word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates as much as 13 percent, according to a study by Ascend2. Since we can’t easily embed a video in an email, the best way to share one is using a play button on top of a static image to link to video content hosted on sites like YouTube or Vimeo.


Make a Unique Offer

There are so many fun ways to incorporate an offer in your emails that goes beyond the bland discount code or buy one get one incentive. Host a competition, partner with a non-profit fundraiser, give out something for free, invite your audience to an event.


Creative Design

While plain text emails have been proven to be very effective, an occasional creative email is a great way to amaze your subscribers with captivating images or a delightful design. Consider making your next email a little more adventurous with bold colors, textures or artistic imagery.


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